What are some (possibly) strange things you have bought for your cosplay...

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Whether it be a plastic $1 gun from the dollar tree for a scope attachment, a netted fabric laundry hamper for a cool hex undersuit design, or even a small black plastic box for an "ammo" container to hook onto your belt, nothing is too outlandish for the perfect cosplay creation!

Speak your words of wisdom my little titanium armored dudes of death, so that greenhorn marines may learn from your example!
I've used a marker lid as the barrel of a pistol, and then shoved the rest of the marker in a silencer so I could make it removable. Twas the most out of the box thinkin I've ever done
Ha, I love taking odds and ends and adding them to costumes for greeblies and accent pieces so I have a bin of random "I'll use these later" parts. Sometimes strange things need to be purchased as well.

ODST - has a pop bottle cap in the center of the ab plate.

M6C/SOCOM - (14) finishing nails (2) set screws (4) metal screws (4) washer headed screws (2) old bearings from longboard wheels (4") sprues from Kings of War minis (1) salvaged trigger from a Nerf Jolt (RIP) (1) medium sized googly eye

Salvatore - ping pong balls, a Battleship boardgame and a "ring for service" bell.

NCR Ranger - Contact cement container used for chems?

BotW Link - Yeah.... Women's boots or the Christmas ornaments are probably the oddest purchase.

Spartan S068 - I had to go into a ballet store for a dance belt.
You know those rolls of plastic bags that are used in the produce section of a grocery store? I happened to acquire a few cardboard tubes the bags are spooled around and used one so far as a supressor on my ODST SMG.
I used an awful lot of toothpicks in my spartan... The SPNKr has a plastic bottlecap somewhere and I have seen a VGA connector used to imprint detail in a styrofoam prop.
For my M247H I've used 2 spray paint can covers, 1 glue stick cover as a muzzle, part of a #2 pencil, cardboard tubing, an old gaming joystick for the trigger, bungee cord as a cable connector, a bunch of plastic faucet washers, and Foamboard as the main construction component.
using paper dowel rollers from an old job for barrels, handles, and reinforcement for props. Along with using my kids old letter foam mates for small armor pieces. buying? I guess headlight tint for my visors. and having yellow table cloth material for my scorpion I will be making.
A few years ago I got a bag of small LED flashlights in bulk and since then I've been using them in props and armour for lighting as a means of adding interesting detail.

I also bought my combat gloves for my armour and the plastic it was hanging on was such an interesting detail that I glued it to the back of my helmet.
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