Some Pre-Build Questions

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Hey guys,

First off, great forum; everybody seems so nice and there's a lot of very knowledgeable folks around. Usually gaming boards have such a high level of testosterone, helmet bashing, war cries... And what have you. Anyways, I'm a pepakura hobbyist coming around looking to try the Mjolnir armor since I've never done a full scale wearable suit and I ♥ Halo (or at least Combat Evolved since I haven't got any consoles). I've got some questions:<ul>[*]Do you think I could get this done in a month and if not, how long would it take approximately?[*]What processing would be appropriate for a costume piece? I'm looking to use 110lb cardstock, resin, and fibre-glass. I'm not using it for airsoft or paintball so it's not likely to take much abuse. I want it sturdy enough to not crumple under poking and prodding but it doesn't have to be able to withstand the FIST OF AN ANGRY GOD or equivalent force.[*]Has anyone done rubber footing or something similar so that they can walk around? I'll be going around on tile and concrete so I don't want the feet to wear down or slip.[*]From doing a forum search, I would project a cost of around $60-80, is this a good estimate? Being the starving student that I am I'm looking for this to cost under $100 in total.[*]What's the difference between single and double visor?[/list]That's all I can think of right now but if I run into any problems I'm prone to come back and pester you guys again :whistle: thanks for you patience!
single visor meaans that there is no design on the gold visor itself. doublee mens you have two visors layed on top of each other and the front visor has Master Chiefs visor design cut out of it. Look at Blue Realms helmets. This red helmet is Adam's made by Blue Realm and has the double visor.
Oh, I see now. Thanks, Andrew!

Has anyone documented a papercraft build from start to finish before? If not, I'm thinking of doing that myself.
id didn't take TOO many pictures, but i updated almost every day in the week and a half it took me to make my suit ( i didn't bondo and sand though, i liked the pepakura the way it is) just head over to This Thread I Did to get the basic idea. If you have any questions about my process you can pm me, i check this site about once a day.

good luck, you definitely should make your own suit!
well about the rubber feet, i've been giving it some tought. the best idea i can come up with is grab an old pair of sneakers and mount the feetpieces around them. dunno if it will be any good but i'll give it a try anyway
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