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Castin' Craft Resin Spray

Castin' Craft Resin Spray is used as a finish coat to seal polyester resin castings. It is also a multi-purpose clear gloss finish that allows you to embed or encase almost any object in crystal clear plastic. When sprayed on, it covers imperfections and gives a tack free finish to resin castings. This resin, which is easy to apply and fast drying, can be used to coat wood, dried naturals, sea-shells, pre-sealed paper and fabric.

if u hate wasting brushes and mixing resin, this MIGHT be the quick & easy solution.

so you can like just spray this stuff on your pep armour instead of painting it with resin? If so can you tell me how good of a job it does? That would be sweet if so, It would take like 30 seconds to resin something.

Edit: after checking the site out I realized how dumb I am, i've been to this site and never even saw the spray resin. I'm a tard.
Wow. I never knew a resin spray was possible. I might buy this for my other armor pieces. Thanks for the info!
im not so sure about resin that doesnt use a catalyst. might not be as durable. and since its in a can that means its suspended in an aerosol, so you wont get near as much coverage for your money.
maybe so but you can take two cans and spray two things at once. Pimpin' but seriously for the extra money if you are in a hurry this will cut the time needed to resin something in like eigth. I would personally still resin fibreglass the inside but that is just me.
see resining the fiberglass inside it where i go nuts cause it gets super hard to work with cause it gets all stuck to the brush.. how bout using this stuff for the first coat, then slap resin over top of it to strenghen...

im going to try this, ill let you know how it goes...
well i know u wont get the coverage, but it should only be used on the outside in my opinion, and since resin on the outside is just for support it doesnt matter if u get complete coverage or how strong/durable it is, because it will jsut end up being sanded down.

you wouldn't be able to spray enough to get it to soak the glass, however this could possibly be a nice alternative for people to do the initial coat over the outside of their pep stuff to get a bit of strength before glassing the inside.

this stuff is meant for mostly cosmetic purposes though. like a final sealing coat, etc. not for actually being used on the fiberglass layers themselves.
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