Southern Regiment Membership Requirements

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Membership Requirements:
To join the regiment, ensure you meet the following criteria:
  • Account Status: You must have a member account in good standing, active for more than 90 days, and with at least 50 constructive posts.
  • Location: Reside in one of our member states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, or West Virginia.
To request membership, post in the regiment request thread asking to join the southern regiment.

Rules of Conduct:
Ensure compliance with our unified Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines, accessible at:
  • Community Guidelines: Link
  • Terms of Use: Link
  • Privacy Policy: Link
Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in account closure. If no objection is raised within 14 days of this notice, you are agreeing to follow these guidelines.

Additionally, at cons and events, all 405th Southern members must follow specific guidelines:
  • Members are expected to show respect and courtesy to fellow fans and costumers.
  • Members should obtain permission before handling another person's props or costumes.
  • Participation in photoshoots is voluntary and is in no way required for membership in the regiment.
  • Members should NOT solicit free items, priority lines, or event entry from 343i or other organizations.
Appearance Guidelines:

In 405th Capacity:

  • Respect fellow members and their belongings.
  • Avoid aggressive or inappropriate poses. This includes pointing weapons at people, "Victory Crouching" / teabagging, and similar things.
  • DO NOT seek special privileges or perks from 343i and other organizations using costumes or membership in the 405th as leverage. Such behavior is not tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.
In Official 343i Capacity:

Members must maintain professionalism and adhere to 343i's "Spartan rules."
  • Maintain discretion backstage to avoid disruptions during panels.
  • Refrain from harassing special guests.
Note: These requirements are subject to change as the 405th organization evolves. Updates will be posted in this thread accordingly.
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