Spartan in Halo 3 Trailer MasterChief... Or Someone Else?

Title says all

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title says it all.
reasons supporting MC:why put a non-MC spartan in the announcement trailer?
idk, it just seems to be him, his general attitude, non talking, not looking surprised until something MAMOTHLY GARGANTUAN happens.

reasons supporting a non-MC spartan:
his armor. last we say him, he was on the forerunner ship heading towards earth to save the world from destruction. not much time to get new armor there.
all i can really think of for now.

I dont remember who is still alive from the books.

Fall of reach didn't really specify all too well.
the only survivors from Reach were the Master chief and spartan girl that is criogenizated, but the one onthe trailer doesnt looks like a girl, there are posibilities that the one on the video is the MC, and about the armor, many things could have happened si ce the end of Halo 2
Never thought of that, true. Unless it's a cryptic meaning for something else, which Bungie is known for. However, with no proof of that, I'll have to agree with you.

Also... why is the bar graph made of sausages...? I's cool, but quite contradictory to the rest of the site's design... Ah whatever, I like it. Yummy.
heh... it's because it's from a Call of Duty theme... Yes, we need some modifications. It can't be a sausage, has to be ... more like a frankfurter.
Due to the lvel of damage to the armor i have to say MC, i don't think the other spartans would be as messed up...

Of course i have not yet read the new Nylund Novel...
Linda... No, wasn't it Kelly? Because Linda was in the big command and control base during the end of First Strike. What was it called... Uneven Elephant...?

And the one in DOA4, if I remeber correctly, is one SPARTAN- 458 (Which makes no sense because the SPARTAN-IIs only go up to 150... And SPARTAN IIIs have A, B, G, etc. in front of their number.
I think its linda becuase kelly was at reach and billy or rob or who ever took off on a one way trip into space, THE ULTIMATE SPARTAN FEAR! D:=
But it does show at the end of Halo 2 that he is on the forerunner ship, but the trailer appears with the Chief with different armor parts, possibly that the trailer takes place later in the game rather than the beginning, and possibly he got some armor upgrades along the way.
Bungie did a Q&A on the Bungie Update right after the trailer was posted around the net. Frankie specifically addressed this issue and said it was definately John-117.
Sorry to interupt, but bungie clearly said that this part of the game happens 1/3 of the way through gameplay. Defintely enough to for MC to get a new suit and earn it some new bruises.
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