Spartan in Halo 3 Trailer MasterChief... Or Someone Else?

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Master Chief gets his new armor (MK V) after Reach I believe. The weird thing is that there is Halo Wars which really f'ed everything up. They made MK IV armor look more like the MK VI rather than the predeccesor to the MK V. The armor in the Reach reveal looks more like a MK I, II, III, or the real "bungie version" of the IV. If any of you have the book "The Art of Halo" (Halo 2 era) the trailer's armor looks a lot like the armor in the concept sketches, aka the early helmet designs. Also another thing is that it seems that the "put on the helmet" thing is pretty big to Bungie and Master Chief. It happens in the trailer to Halo 3 and Halo Reach. In my opinion its the younger Master Chief because it mentions "no more lone wolf" which is how Master Chief often fought, except the earlier battles when there were more spartans alive. But when the spartan said "you picked a good time to be a spartan" (or something along those lines) it reminds me of the fact that Master Chief arrives at Reach after the battle had already started (in the books), and it was most likely too late for Master Chief to do anything. Nonetheless, it looks awesome, and I cant wait for "Fall of 2010"



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