Spartan Reference pictures *2048x2049 & 1024x1024*

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Well I thank you, on behalf of all of us working on armor, this will help greatly.

Do you think you could get me some close ups of the boots, and the arms, and the legs. (all those pieces seperately please)?

It would really help and I could give you a discount on armor, once I'm finished molding my pieces. ;-)
Hey Grim, thanks so much, PM me if you have any've got a discount on my armor (in development) and I will get back to you.

I have a feeling that people are going to ask you for close up's of you might wanna post them so you don't get flooded with PM's and requests haha. ;-)
Grim_R3aper said:
no problem i'm taking requests for pictures.

Would you mind getting some really close close closeups on the gloves?

Maybe um, some close ups of the back chest piece?

I'm sorry Grim but I'm probably gonna keep you busy mate.. :mrgreen:
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