Spartan Reference pictures *2048x2049 & 1024x1024*


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Do you think we could also get the other armor perms as well on the 25th? Maybe even the models so we could use them for pepakura.


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First off, thanks for these refs. You are a GODSEND=]

Could you get a picture of the chest piece from the side with no arms, and the helmet with the undersuit neck part?

Many, many thanks



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Today is the 25th. Renders, please! ;)
I need this guy, if you have this permutation:

Seriously, any help is appreciated! Also, I have CAD access and experience, so I can render myself if you can get me the models.


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well i was wondering if u can have a few renders of the MARK VI helmet.. like perspectives to show the details, like bump areas, crevices, etc. thx alot!

this has to be sticky ^^


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Holy crap, this thread is GOLD! I vote sticky.

And that all the links go into the first thread.



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Anyone seen Grim around and/or are there any renders of the magnitude and awesomeness of Grim's running around of the H3 model?
oh so cool i needed something like this but still not halo 3 so it does not help me fully but still very nice job grim r3per our saveur!
SpartanNoob said:
oh so cool i needed something like this but still not halo 3 so it does not help me fully but still very nice job grim r3per our saveur!
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leegrisham said:
This is very helpful I had been using the forge in Halo 3 for refrence but this is way easier. thanks
Just be careful not to use only these pictures as reference, there's at least one difference in the helmets... if you're looking to get super accurate. I've seen 2 helmets use these DoA model pics as reference, and you can tell the difference. This other thread I made points it out...
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You also shouldn't use these for scale refs, or for the gloves. While the details look almost spot on, the holes on the gloves appear too big, and the hips/chest are scaled for a female.


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As much as I hate to necro this topic, I was wondering if there was anyone who could fill grim's place and get renders of halo 3 material, it looks like sept 07 was his last activity, right about when he stopped posting here. He provided good reference from the DOA model, but looks like he has gone MIA. Does anyone know how to create the renders like he did? I am getting close to detailing pieces of my armor and some H3 renders like these would be magical.