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The BorosBoss

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Spartan-III: T-609. Sigma Squad. Colonel Grade II. Callsign: Angel. Specializations: Long-range, stealth, and vehicular combat, mechanics/repairs. Integration to Spartan-IV pending.

Pre-augmentation stats:
Height- 6'2
Weight- 148lbs(67.13kg)
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Grey
Post-Augmentation stats:
Height: 6'8
Weight: 243lbs(110.22kg)

Birthplace: New Harmony
Armor Permutation: Operator/Bulk custom. Steel/Coral.

//Spartan-III T-609 has shown proficiency with stealth, initiative, close-range and unarmed combat, and leadership skills, in addition to an alarming number of kills from more than a kilometer away. Subject has also shown mild disregard for property of commanding officers as well as quips and grating remarks often unfit for the engagement at hand. <<NAME REDACTED>>'s only gray area in terms of lethality is mid-range firefights, preferring the close- or long-range extremes of combat. T-609 has also expressed difficulty in reports and communications to commanding officer, instead preferring to get the job done himself and be done with it. Suggest placement under non-traditional squad leadership.\\


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SPARTAN-015: Ash (Ashuraa) | Spartan-II Class-I || Special Projects: Reassigned ONI | Rank: Team Leader | Pennsylvania


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Spartan-III: Ivan-112. Callsign: Tobiko. Specializations: Demolitions and explosives/grenadier. Rank- Captain. Assignment: Sigma Squad (Place with Spartan T-609 "Angel")

Armor: JFO (Red Primary, White Secondary)
DOB: July 24, 2530
Birthplace: Siberia, Russia, Earth
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'0"
Wt: 153lbs. (69.39kg)
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 201lbs. (91.17)

File: //Prior to Covenant invasion of Reach system, operated in counterinsurgency ops on Mamore, assigned to Special Warfare Group 3 under Spartan-B312. Subject shows proficiency in in defending and operating artillery and generators, as well as other heavy machinery. Grandfather served on board UNSC Spirit of Fire. An excellent soldier, Ivan has never failed to execute an order given down the chain of command, excepting a grenade mishap in 2554 resulting in the death of Pvt. Karl <<CENSORED BY ONI>> and the crippling of Cpl. Anderson <<CENSORED BY ONI>>. He was cleared of charges following a psychological profiling, showing dangerous tendency not to assign value to the lives of his squadmates, preferring instead the preservation of military and scavenged enemy hardware.\\


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25376-40779-KR: Kevin Rauwerda (Spartan092) | Spartan-IV | Closed Quater Combat || Fireteam Sword | Lieutenant Commander || Groningen, The Netherlands

Armor: Full Gen-2 MJOLNIR Scout
DOB: January 10, 2537
Birthplace: Groningen, The Netherlands, Earth
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'0"
Wt: 166lbs. (75.3kg)


Height: 6'11"
Weight: 214lbs. (97.07)

//Enlisted in 2553 at the age of 16, he is the youngest member in the Spartan-IV Program. After two years of military training, he'd achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander. In 2557 he'd participated in the First Battle of Requiem. In 2558 he'd become the new commanding officer of Spartan Fireteam Sword. In 2558 he'd participated in the Second Battle of Requiem. He is still onboard the UNSC Infinity, which had to make a emergency slipspace jump away from Requiem..\\

Mash u 2 bits

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00965-13070-AK: Ash [Redacted] (Mash u 2 bits) | Spartan-IV | Tier 1 asset acquisition | Fireteam Chronicle | Captain | | London UK

Branch: ONI Delta-6
Armour: [Modified] Locus with War Master
Birthplace: [REDACTED]
Non-regulation Modifications: Use of his S-III ONI identification on chest armour module [ Unit-70 (U70) ] | Sangheili skull painted onto helmet

Ash was a decorated Spartan III at the forefront of ONI's aquision teams, but after the loss of a Tier 1 asset to the Covenant he was forced into a cryo-pod for permanent decommission. A high ranking ONI official gave him another chance in the Spartan IV programme with the catch of him being attached to a team from multiple branches of the UNSC, to serve exclusively for ONI under the [Autumn Class] UNSC Benevolence. Since then he has worked to help ONI secure a variety of assets.

I've only just started my first build (This character), but thought it would be good to finally get my boots in on the 405th :D
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JD of Asgard

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• 72411-40815-JS: JD "Virginia" Simmons(JD of Asgard) | Spartan-IV | Custom Red and White Recruit Armor || FT: Domino | Rank: Sergeant|| Richmond, VA


Identity Officer
Division Staff
Member DIN
A-113: Asgardianhammer (HAMR) | Spartan-III || Exploding Fist Detachment | Rank: DIO || EARTH - Birmingham, AL

TF Bravo Actual

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98953-65348-NW: Nathan Westbrook(TF Bravo Actual) | ODST || 5th Naval Force Reconnaissance | Lieutenant Junior Grade
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Maskim Xul

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S-613: Maskim Xul | Spartan-II Class-II || Unit: Tier 1 Classified | Rank: Tier 1 Classified || Shreveport, LA

Personal Data:
Name: Maskim Xul
UNSC ID Number: S-613
Spartan Enlistment://CLASSIFIED//
Birthdate: //CLASSIFIED//
Home Planet: Earth

Biological Data:
Gender: Male
~Pre-augmentation - 6' 3"
~Post-augmentation - 6' 9"
~Pre-augmentation - 180 lbs.
~Post-augmentation - 265 lbs.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green

Combat Ratings:
~Sharpshooting: 7
~CQC: 9
~Mid-Range: 10
~Explosive: 10
~Energy Weapons: 10
~Ground driving: 9
~Gunner: 10
~Air Units: 8

Armor Permutations:
~ MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor / Hayabusa variant

Brief Bio:
Little is known of Spartan 613. All but simple details have been removed from UNSC systems completely or have been marked as //CLASSIFIED// to all but Tier 1 personnel. Below is the only information available in public UNSC records:

Spartan 613, Maskim Xul (Mas-keem Ack-Cool);
Threat Level: RED
Specialist Proficiencies: Heavy Weapons / Explosives / Assassination

WARNING: Do not interfere with missions or be deemed a threat. Do not engage.
<End data>


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I might have to change the rank around a little bit, but this is what I want to use for mine.

S-028: Matt (SirPalesALot) | Spartan-II Class-I || Red Team Beta | Rank: Intelligence Specialist || Alabama


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Spartan Santos | 337722-26835-AS: Shadowobliterat | Spartan-IV | Scout | FT: Unlisted | Captain | Miami, Florida

Name: Andrew Santos
Spartan tag: AS835
Home world: Earth
D.O.B.: December 15, 1993
Classification: Spartan-IV
Rank: Captain
Armor: Steel/ Cyan Custom Scout
Gender: Male
Weight: 147lb
Height: 6' 1"
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Blood type: <Classified>

Brief Bio: Spartan AS835 Santos specializes in the use of sniper riffles and side arms. He does lone scouting missions and assassination missions. Although he prefers missions that allow him to keep his distance from his targets he is still willingly allows most contracts if he is given plenty of info on the target and the premises of where he is headed. When given a team to work with, for more difficult missions that he cant do alone, he tactically uses everyone's abilities to ensure a successful mission without injuries or casualties.


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Got a big update today!

Needs Improvement/More Information:
98953-65348-NW: Nathan Westbrook (TF Bravo Actual) | ODST || 5th Naval Force Reconnaissance | Lieutenant Junior Grade || [Location]
T-112: Ivan (Ivan11200) | Spartan-III || Sigma Squad | Rank: Captain || [Location]
[Letter (non-"S")]-811: Missymae35 (missymae35) | Spartan-III || (Optional: Choice of Squad) || Alexander City, Alabama
#####-#####-LL: Chernobyl (Chernobyl) | W76S | Spartan-IV || European Regiment (Formerly Excalibur Battalion CO) | Midlands, United Kingdom
#####-#####-LL: MullinsProps (Mullins Props) | Spartan-IV || Alexander City, Alabama
TF Bravo Actual, Ivan11200, missymae35, Chernobyl, Mullins Props

Please feel free to review how I have listed your details.
65667-41015-BB: Brandon "1015" Benjamin Burns, III (bigolaf) | ODST || 105th Shock Trooper Division: 7th ST-Battalion | CW2 (Army) || Anaheim, CA
S-003: Augustus (Angus314) | Spartan-II Class-I || 460th B-65 Suborbital Bomb Group| Master Sergeant || Colorado, USA
S-015: Ash (Ashuraa) | Spartan-II Class-I || Special Projects: Reassigned ONI | Rank: Team Leader || Pennsylvania
S-028: Matt (SirPalesALot) | Spartan-II Class-I || Red Team Beta | Rank: Intelligence Specialist || Alabama
S-045: Cory (cory045) | Spartan-II Class-I || Unit/Classified | Lieutenant || Michigan
S-055: Olivia (MissFish) | Spartan-II Class-I || Bellingham, WA
S-064: Ryan (Macattack64) | Spartan-II Class-I || Northwest Indiana
S-112: Andrew (andrewjd1124) | Spartan-II Class-I || Red Team || Palm Bay, Florida
S-159: chrisy (chrisy159) | SPARTAN-II Class-II || 405th Canadian Regiment | PO2 (Specialty: Clinical Science) || ON, Canada
S-191: Sami (Samius191) | Spartan-II Class-II || 405th Finnish regiment | Rank: Sergeant || Kauhajoki, Finland
S-256: Kalean (gmstrowabarton) | Spartan-II Class-II || Durham, NC
S-277: Meatwad (Meatwad) | Spartan-II Class-II || Kansas, USA
S-474: Eric (Kusak3) | Spartan-II Class-II || Unit: Colonial Regiment| Rank/classified || Pennsylvania
S-562: Alana (GODIVINA) | Spartan-II Class-II || Durham, NC
S-613: Maskim Xul (Maskim Xul) | Spartan-II Class-II || Unit: Tier 1 Classified | Rank: Tier 1 Classified || Shreveport, LA
A089: Gary (Halochief89) | Spartan-III^ (IV) | UNSC Infinity: FT Quiver | Fire Team Lead | Callsign: Spear || Washington
A-113: HAMR (Asgardianhammer) | Spartan-III || Exploding Fist Detachment | Rank: DIO || EARTH - Birmingham, AL
T-609: Unknown (The BorosBoss) | Spartan-III || Sigma Squad | Colonel Grade II || Albany, CA
24885-97053-MG: Matthew G (nerdtron99) | Spartan-IV | Tracker || FT crimson | Field Marshall || Brea, CA
09129-00319-TC: Spartan Card (TeejayCard) | TC319 | Spartan-IV | Recon || Fireteam Shadow | CLASSIFIED || Pennsylvania, USA
21877-32104-JM: Jak-JM104 (LoneLegionary) | Spartan-IV | Wetwork || Fireteam Shadow | Rank: Specialist || New York, New York
25376-40779-KR: Kevin Rauwerda (Spartan092) | Spartan-IV || Closed Quater Combat || Fireteam Sword | Lt. Commander || Groningen, Netherlands
00965-13070-AK: Ash [Redacted] (Mash u 2 bits) | Spartan-IV || Tier 1 Asset Acquisition | Fireteam Chronicle | Captain || London UK
72411-40815-JS: JD "Virginia" Simmons (JD of Asgard) | Spartan-IV || FT: Domino | Sergeant || Richmond, VA
337722-26835-AS: Santos (Shadowobliterat) | Spartan-IV | Scout | FT: Unlisted | Captain || Miami, Florida
31562-98077-KM: Keith Mohn (KeithG077) | Spartan-IV | Black/Covert Ops || FT: Epsilon | Commander || Canfield Ohio
13711-69413-CG: Chris G (Blade137) | CG134 | Spartan IV || EOD | 23 ordanance Co. | Sergeant || North Carolina
bigolaf, Angus314, Ashuraa, SirPalesAlot, cory045, MissFish, Macattack64, andrewjd1124, chrisy159, Samius191, gmstrowabarton, Meatwad, Kusak3, GODIVINA, Maskim Xul, Halochief89, Asgardianhammer, The BorosBoss, nerdtron99, TeejayCard, LoneLegionary, Spartan092, Mash u 2 bits, JD of Asgard, Shadowobliterat, KeithG077, Blade137
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