Spas-12 Game Ready model (need crits)

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Hello, just wanted to show one of the projects I have been working on, and wanted to see it I can get some more constructive criticism on how I can improve. I'm, of course weakest in the texturing field, so this is where I'm looking for crits the most. I know some of the edges on the high-poly model are a bit tight, but it won't happen again.

Also this is my first time texturing and making shaders for PBR (physically based rendering). I was surprised I didn't even know about this before, but I didn't find that out until I had already hand-painted all the textures, and I didn't what to redo all of them, so instead I just kept weakening them, and are still in the process of tweaking.

Anyways, heres the model info:

Tricount: 9,392
Maps: 4096x4096 (for workflow) Diffuse/Albedo, Specular/Reflective, Gloss/Microsurface, Normals.

Sorry, I didn't render any wires.

Let me know what you think.

Oh and open up the pictures in a new tab to view them full size (they're quite large in size!).





Not open for further replies.