Spooks MkV Build


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Hihi! This is my first thread on the forums as well as my first build >:)

I'm planning on doing a full set, starting with the pepakura'd helmet. I made a paper model for sizing purposes (got sizing down first try! so that was exciting) and noticed some mistakes/things to avoid in the final. Glad I decided to go through with piecing together a draft version before I moved to the actual cardstock. I don't want to fiberglass -ify this helmet, probably going to experiment with acrylic varnish and textile hardener on scrap pieces of cardstock, to see how they affect the texture/waterproofing/painting process. I want to get a smooth, glossy look!

I was given some tips on the building process that I think will help avoid the gaps I had on the test model, which you can see in the photos below. There are some small mistakes already in the final helmet that I'm going to try to fill in with bondo.

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