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Sarge Christi

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I know, we all love video games. Enough to make us create costumes and weapons. hehe.

But, we all have alternate lives, our Peter Parkers, if you will.

I was wondering, who here plays sports and what kind of sports?

Well, I guess I'll start.

I play soccer. I used to be a striker (forward) but my team in GA needed a keeper, so I dropped back. I moved to Singapore and joined the team. I play Keeper for my team. it's pretty sweet.
And to debunk the myth, goalies are not the fat kids. :rolleyes
We've won the International Association of Southeast Asian School (IASAS) tournment 4 years in a row, I've been keeper for them for 2 of the 4 years.

I love soccer, but I also play softball, been playing it since I was 7 and used a Tee. Haha.
Grew up in Minnesota, played hockey (goalie) for 10 years. Soccer and tennis as well. Flirted with the amateur mountain biking back in college.

Now I play tennis and softball.
i play Wide Receiver and Cornerback on a 7vs7 flag football team. being 6'3" and only 145lbs, thats pretty much the only kind of football i can play with any effectiveness. i was never really too bad as a WR in tackle football, since im pretty fast and really tall, but on defense im horrible. despite being able to wrap people up for a tackle, i cant bring anyone down. my coverage skills are pretty good though.

now, as far as being a fan of a sports team, im pretty fanatical about the New Orleans Saints. i dress in costume to every home game, usually in my black and gold optimus prime suit. this year, Master Chief is making an appearance (if i finish it in time)
I used to play rugby for the RTB's (yeah ruff sport). I really dont like football (or soccer to you yanks :p ). Ummmm nowdays I sleep ALOT (because I started collage). I used to do Tai-Kwan-Do? (however you spell that), wich is a like martial arts. And I used to go swimming, I won a few medals/belts/trophies for all of these. But I gave them up. Ando now I pretty much do nothing :D! Just walking and some downhill tracks on my bike.
I play Badminton, and I have done so for over 6 years (i think).

Atm I play in the (sub-)top of my city's recreational group but I might but selected for the dutch children's Top in Brabant, the province I live in, next saturday.
Played Football for over 9 years (including a NCAA Division 1 walk-on spot where I was stomped upon :lol: )
- Linebacker & T.E.

Also Ski at every opportunity
I played soccer for a year or two, I snowboard umm... I bowl in a leauge guess that counts and I'm gonna sign up for baseball next year.
lift wieghts, snowboard, used to skateboard(but i broke my hand), i also plan on RULING THE WORLD(going good for now.
I used to play base ball, and last year i played tennis. now im the "hydration specialist" for the football team until tennis rolls around, and might try golf. does any one play golf for their high school if so how is it?
i might play flag football because there is no tackle football :mad: last year i played basket ball we won the championship :D i also play airsoft and paint ball
lately I've been picking up the extreme sport, Parkour.
It's intense. I can't do it right now too much since my soccer coach would kill me if I got hurt. Haha.
there is alot to do in alaska i bmx, snowboard, skatboard (rarely), dirtbike 4 wheelers, extreme sledding, ill try to do some of that parkor sometimes but ive done a few flips and landed on my head lol i surf and play pretty much and sport me and my freinds are in the mood to play
I do Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and a little bit of BBJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu) .. Yeah, the MMA stuff you see on the tv... I'm more of a stand up fighter, but need to learn more ground skills.. It's a great killer workout and yeah, you get hit too!! Gotta love the bruises!! :lol: I also like to hit the gym and hit the weights.. (y)
Ive been playing Paintball for the last seven years. On and off lately though since I go to school and work full time. When I do I play stockclass which is where you play with a pump, ten round tubes and 12 grams. Love to play Speedball with a couple woodsball games to break things up every now and then.

I am kind of a gun whore, have seven guns at the moment. Currently have a RTR Buzzard, Phuzzard (Phantom with a buzzard pump conversion) 2k PGP with a Sergison frame, Invert Mini, Vertibrate Autococker, PTP Micrococker and a 98 custom.

I no longer play on a team since none of my friends play anymore so I mostly just play walk on games. Think that about sums it up.
Been playing ice hockey (goalie) for about 13 or 14 years now. Nothin better than havin a puck fly at you at 90 mph and just snaggin that punk out of the air :)

Sarge Christi said:
lately I've been picking up the extreme sport, Parkour.
It's intense. I can't do it right now too much since my soccer coach would kill me if I got hurt. Haha.

I have been wanting to get into that for a while now.. though in all reality I am way not in good enough shape for it currently
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if you have any questions, just ask me. ;) i can help you if you want to get started. it's a great workout.
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