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I'm going on my 9th year of football as a senior year in high school. I'm a starter on the varsity team of like 60 kids, and we are in division 5A. (highest division in MN). We won the Big Nine last year, and doing good so far this year. I also play Lacrosse, and I'm one of this seasons captains. Hope to get a good scholar ship for football or lacrosse.
Soccer - 8 yrs (K-7th); Tennis; Bowling; Pony League Baseball - 1yr; just started Golf; oh and 4 yrs on the drumline in high school. Yes Marching Band is a sport, don't even flipping start with me. In fact, if I could pick one sport to do for most of the rest of my life it would be Drumline. Of all the sports I've done in competition, Drumline was the most physically demanding.
I've played football for 8yrs. My positions are starting DB and starting Running back, so far out of 3 games Ive have 6 touchdowns and 4 interceptions
weight-lifting=everyday after school
lacrosse=8 years and stopped
baseball=3 years and stopped
paintball=my life
tennis=just started
gaming=more than my life
basketball=everyday for fun
soccer=3 years and stopped
snowboarding=for the last 2 years and gettin ready for this winter

i stopped alot of my sports and mostly work on computers and play video-games no exercise FTW!!!
I love baseball. I'm a big Astros fan. No teams where I live though... which sucks. Now I run track. I'm a sprinter, which means I run 100m, 200m, 400m, and the 4 x 100 relay.
Not open for further replies.