starting a carbine *new pics* FINISHED


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Are you using the human scaled version or the normal version?

I used a 90% full scale when I built mine.


speaking of toning down sizes, instead of an energy sword being 120+ cm, would it look better at 80cm? its kinda too late to ask but w/e.


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Robogenisis said:
Every weapon needs to be scaled down. If you scale them full size, then they look pretty strange. Hope it turns out good.

To enter the to the topic link, just erase everything after the number, like this If you meant how to do it like THIS, you just write "THIS", highlight it, then click the add link button.
thanks robogenisis!
i get it now... i was using the wrong button!

i'm using the human scaled version. i thought it would fit me better since my ar turned out to look too big. and i'm cutting it out with scissors not an exacto knife... it kinda hurts my hands after a while :(


well heres a pic of the carbine after 1-2 hours hours glueing


what do you think of it so far?
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EXTREMELY SORRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST!!! but i couldn't get the topic to the start of the *noob fourm* list without doing it.
sorry again

well anyways, here's the FINAL product!

after 3-5 hours of work here it is
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