Starting Halo 1 Assault rifle, 52 pages

should i put the Tippmann 98c inside of it?

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well, the topic sums it up. im printing out my assault rifle as we speak. I will up date all of you with construction pics. once im done fiber glassing i might go and buy another Tippmann 98c to put inside of it.
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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it will take about a week

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ok, in response to link i am basically making a incredibly accurate assault rifle using the method JediFraz used for mjolnir armor. and there is a little problem with the files because there are nodes (aka) huge blogs where the trigger is and at the end of the barrel so i have to compensate. i can get you a sniper rifle if you want i cant give you the pistol yet, the nodes cover the whole thing i can give you any other gun in halo 1 though. i am also working on getting the nodes off of the grenades. i am quite happy there is a fuel rod gun and the fuel rod projectiles. i downloaded the files for the weapons on dont try to find them yourself they are incredibly hard to find.
of course I've seen your ar link and I wanted to say good job with it, but I don't have the tools you do so I'm injecting it with plaster parics and dremmel detailing it from there and I'm pretty good with dremmel detailing. I want to make the ar identifiable as an ar whennn I wear my mjolnir armor when I'm paintballing.
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