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It is storming so bad!!! It's like... Ridiculous!!! So much lighting... I hope the power doesn't go out...
It's so windy!!!
The cable is out... We have a surge protector... And this computer already has a virus... It's already doomed... DOOMED!!!
Its thought that a huge number of RROD returned 360s are killed by household surge protectors, so i'd be careful with it. I unplug mine whenever i se lightning under the vicinity, because i will go mad if my xbox is away over late september. I've become paranoid - i play a fan over it and leave it in plenty of space standing upright to prevent the GPU overheating...
btw, not using ur PC during a storm of the epic proportions worth posting about even if it has a virus is a good idea - i dont know much about viruses but i presume the damage it does is to ur data, ie ur hard drive, and therefore the CPU & motherboard is reusable... but wont be if they're fried.
My house had burned down when I was in 3rd grade and I was on the comp. I ran out without turning it off and my mom said it would have been savable if I had turned it off.
They say you shouldn't plug your 360 into a surge protector cause it already has one built in. You'd think two surge proctectors would mean twice the protection, but I guess not.
I had a two second power cut the other day and the ring flashed up, but it was like this

\ /

rather than this:

/ \
. /
which i think is the lethal GPU problem... I hit the power button and was hugely relieved when it started up normally...
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