Stupid Spiders - Pic of one I found in my house

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What the heck is it?
Actually all spiders have venom, however, only some spider venoms affect humans, not all of them will like do stuff to you, but that one! Where did you find it anyway, like specifically.
Ehhh...I hate spiders...I think the entire spider population shoudl be replaced with frogs, I can live with frogs.... Actually though, I was at a friends house a couple of weeks ago and he pointed something out to me while running around kills spiders in his yard(We were forced into 4/5 hours of yard work out of nowhere). Spiders have no muscles or bones, save their exoskeleton. They have no evolutionary pattern, they're just spiders, always have been and always will be. The closest living thing to spiders are crabs, yet neither of them are related. Essentially, he believes(and I kind of agree) that spiders are basically an alien species.

If anyone can prove this wrong, feel free to share the info, it just kinda made sense at the time he said it. I dunno....
I think some spiders are funny, Camel spiders hide in peoples shadows and just follow it. That spider you saw adam looks like a cross between a spider, a tick and dust mite.
blinkava44 said:
are you telling me you wouldnt be scared if you saw that thing coming at you

I would be scared i jsut said i think some spiders are funny for instance that camel spider, it follows the person/animals shadow like a stalker. Plus there are many other more dangerous spiders out there.

Thats a funny story S-419. Scary but funny at the same time.
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Eh, not really a story... more a mention. Adam, I would burn that thing. I dunno what kind it is and how deadly it is.
Guys, I'm sure Adam knows that the only two deadly spiders in Texas are the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.

But that doesn't mean other stuff doesn't hurt like hell if they bite. ;-)
blinkava44 said:
atleast its not one of these nasty camel spiders


WTF!! is that :shock: a camel spider, is that two of them? looks like there going to mount them on the wall
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