Summer Sunset Game Night - September 2nd @ 6:00PM PST

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Convention season is winding down and we are all in the weird limbo of being extremely physically tired but super jacked up mentally on wanting to be with all the friends. That's what game night is for! PC MCC Customs moving into Infinite MP to get those cross-play shenanigans going is the plan with some nice vacation juice to end a lovely summer.

Game night starts Friday at 6:00pm PST, Canadian Regiment members get priority seats on this one but it's open to other Honourary Canadians who will promise to spell with extra u's and learn all the capitals of the Provinces and Territories. Yes there will be a test.
Looks like I'll be working late tomorrow. I'll join when I can if it's still going
Don't forget to update your MCC!
It was great to jump in game with a bunch of you last night! It'd been a while since some of us had talked and I had tons of fun with customs and Infinite silly games.
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