SW Imperial Knight cardboard armor (off topic)

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First of all, this is some amazing work. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at doing this armor out of foam. The level of detail is amazing and you did a great job with the soft parts (that means cloth for those of you not 501st savvy).

… I have wanted IK armor ever since I saw it in the comics and ever since I saw Thomas Spanos of the 501st scuplting the armor…
You know, I wish I had half the talent of Tom. I mean, he had a character based off of him in the comics, rather than the other way around… Then again, I’ve seen your work and you are of the same caliber in term of artistry with costume stuffs.

Ok, now quick history lesson (star wars history that is)

That's it in a very brief nut shell.... by far in my opinion the best series in star wars to date
Close, but not quite right.

After the second Galactic Civil War against Darth Caedus ( Jacen Solo), Jagged Fel was elected as Emperor of the new Galactic Empire, beginning the Fel Dynasty. His wife, Jaina Fel (formerly Jaina Solo), renounced her allegiance to the Jedi Knights in lieu of supporting the new Empire. In order to protect the Emperor, she became the first Imperial Knight and began a training regime for Force Users who did not wish to enter the Jedi (who were still viewed with suspicion). In time, the child of Jagged Fel and Jaina Fel became Emperor and was also trained as an Imperial Knight, beginning the true bloodline of the Fel Dynasty and commander of the Imperial Knights. In effect, they are Jedi trained by and loyal to the Emperor and Empire.
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