Sylvacan's Mark VII/Rakshasa Crosscore

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Hey yall! It's finally time I start working on this suit! For some context, around August last year I finished printing my new suit, which is a Mark VII base with some Rakshasa attachments. However, around this time, my original Yoroi suit broke during a con (rest in piece, long live the new Yoroi). This is the last photo I have of wearing it, it's been sitting in my closet for the last 4 and a half months since.


These two are the current plan, with the helmet being the only difference.


The Plan:
  1. Finish printing! As of right now, I have bought some of SlenderDummy's files to help smooth out the parts I previously made, as a lot of them were straight game rips. The link to all of those parts is here!
  2. Next, figure out my helmet! I'm pretty concrete on the armor, but I want to decide the helmet now. The original plan was a Firefall helmet, which is currently base sanded and covered in bondo. But, I have a soft spot for Anubis, my god that helmet is nice.
  3. Make myself taller! I'm 5'4" and not growing anytime soon, so some platform shoes will be nice when I go to cons. I have a mockup that I began testing last night as a mater of fact, but it currently is gonna be used for the Yoroi, as the elf shoes are a little too uncomfortable.

This shoe should boost me up a few inches, but nothing that makes me look disproportional. It will require a bit of cleanup on the bottom, as I messily hot-glued everything at 2 in the morning last night.

That's all for now, but I'll keep updating this build log as I work!
Quick update while my new attachments print, the Banished Heartlplate and the Wolf Fang! These were a pretty quick print, only 2 days or so for solid results on all of them. They’re bolted on with M3 nuts, so they can me removed if necessary. As for the other parts, the Banished Trophy and the UA SN5 are printing! Should have an update on that within the next few days as well. I’m also redoing the strapping for this suit, as it mostly is broken magnets at this point.

Update number two! The new arm is wearable! The Doisac Kiss is by the lovely Turbo Charizard (I wish I knew how to tag people on here) and the shoulder is by SlenderDummy. Both are mounted on with M3 bolts, so if I want I can remove them! This one is wayyyyyyy more detailed than the game rip, plus more comfortable and lighter. Kinda didn't know what gyroid infill was when I made the last one.


Here's the mounting system on the inside! It's pretty secure, as I cut the bracket to match the shape of the bicep with 3d Builder ahead of time. The bolts shouldn't be too much of an issue with the padding ill put in, might make it velcro so I can remove it and adjust.


And next on the list, the Firefall helmet! It's been on the backburner for a while, and by backburner I mean sitting in my closet collecting dust. But I spent the last two days resanding everything and prepping it for sanding, so it should be ready to paint tonight! I've also swapped the coating I want around to the Primal Glory one, as it'll match my S7 Sniper perfectly. Once I start painting, I'll show y'all everything.


That's the brute of it for now, but the new shoulder is printed as well, so expect an update soon!
Another quick update, the Firefall helmet is almost done! Of course, it needs to be cleaned up a ton, but I’m happy with how it’s coming along! This is my first time weathering a prop, so any advice is definitely welcome.

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