Tacky glue: A mini guide

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I see alot of questions (some asked by me) about glue and adhesives for pepakura armor so i'm postin what i used, and how i did it.

Aleene's Original Tacky glue. an 8.oz bottle cost me about $1.50 and you can get it just about anywhere. (meijer's wallmart, michaels, jo'ann fabrics etc.)

It worked out really really good actually. I was hesitant at first because i didnt think it would dry very fast, but once i started actually using it, i found out that it dried rather fast.

Just make sure that you use a VERY thin amount. About the thickness of the card stock. What i did was layed out a very thin line on the piece to be glued (the tab, about the thickness of a straight paperclip) then i used the spout of the glue to spread it out on the tab to make a flat thin layer.

Then i aligned the tab to be glued to the corresponding side, once satisfied with it's position i would squeeze the two pieces together for about 3-4 seconds to help it adhere quicker.

I made a super crappy diagram of what i'm talking about to help explain.


If you use too much glue, the card stock gets kind of squishy and makes the final product kinda warped. Not alot, but it could be really bad if you use too much.

Another suggestion i have is to pre fit your pieces before glueing them to see where the tabs should be and such. Do each piece of armor in sections. Start with the largest pieces, then work on the smaller pieces while the big ones dry.

You don't want to try to glue large sections onto still wet intricate details because the glue takes about 15 seconds to be stiff, thus risk warping of your pep. Let each section dry a bit then try to fit them together, it will save time and frustration.

I hope this helped, if you need more explaination then let me know and i will try to be more clear.


EDIT: Crap... i meant to post this in the pepakura section, if it needs to be moved please feel free to move it. My apologies.. ;)
that was my first mistake... but with hot glue :cautious: it leaves a bevel if you put too much. its hard to fix too
i used som super glue from meijers. it took one whole small thing of it for my big helm.

i think it was 8 little tubes for 5 bux or so. drys FAST. just dont get any on your finger unless u have som coca cola around, it helps eat it off
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