The 1 month MC build

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Wow that looks awesome. I've been trying to get my eod done for this July. I've been having a hug time finding pepakuras for the correct parts, mostly the torso.
Did you use any pepakuras for your forms?
Does anybody else have it or know where I can get the patterns? 4 share has it but I can't seem to get it, all I do get are viruses. Can any one help me time is running out. I may end up with my own one month build. which will not come out as good as this build, again AWSOME build!
I did start this to be an EOD but the 1st and 2nd attempts at the helmet were either too small or too big.....and time was running out. The suit is the MC low def version from MOZ. You can fine them in the archives. As for the EOD build.....there is on the helmet, the chest and shoulder pieces.....not sure about the rest. There are several people that have already built the EODs. Check w/ them......

As for the final product:


there is still a lot left to get done to really trick this out but it looked great on him and he was a total hit at the carnival!!!! Everybody stopped him to take a picture. All his classmates think he is the coolest kid in school now!!!


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That turned out great, Dirtdives! Really impressed how you held it together and not to mention how well it paid off. Sorry that the EOD helm didn't work out. At least you know how to make eva armor now! :)
tanks Duke,and don't think that your input wasn't helpful and that the EOD is off the table. I'm still going to build that bad boy......hell, I want to build them all at this point.......ODST first, then EOD. God, after this I think I'm going to be OCD PDQ. :facepalm Bad Dirtdives....bad Dirtdives.....
Well done!!! Your boy looks awesome, and there is nothing better than seeing your son shine in front of his peers. Also this is another big notch on the super dad belt! :thumbsup nice work "DAD"!! :cool
Thanks guys......I really appreciate the encouragements.......Now all he does is walk up and down the block changeling the neighbor's kids to a Nerf war........They are afraid of him now........and want armor of their own........I should start a class for the fathers.....
Great build in such a short time!

Nice idea about having classes. You could have your very own Halo/ Spartan neighborhood haha!
I think.......that would scare......people out of the neighborhood.......actually, I wouldn't mind that for one particular neighbor.......I know....I know...bad Dirtrdives, bad Dirtdives (Spraying myself w/ a water bottle)!!!!
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