The 1 month MC build

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Great progress you made there! Definitely making a lot of headway with still a lot of time left to go. Best of luck to ya!
Quick up date: sorry no pics but I have been refining my armor pieces. I have 2 weeks left and a ton left to do but all those issues I had w/ the puckering at the seams have been corrected. A quick hit w/ a drum sander and my seams are nice and smooth. I just realized that the pic I posted earlier of the cod, was not the cod but the ab plate. My mistake.....The cod is done and fits him great. I should be able to clip the thigh plates to it, this way they won't fall down his leg. I was in the middle of reworking the chest piece to correct the angles of the shoulder straps when my heat gun blew up on me. Literally. There was a loud pop noise and the heat gun motor went ballistic. It sounded like a mini dirt bike motor w/ a muffler issue. So I lost a day of working on that and other pieces. Got new one from Harbor Freight so I am back on track........just behind schedule......Will keep you all posted.
Update time: Got a lot done this weekend. Sanded down all those dimples on the thigh pieces and since I was at it....did the others as well so now all my seams are relatively smooth or smooth enough that some plasta dip will cover any imperfections.


Ok done so far:

Gauntlets (Need a little more detailing)

I'm almost done w/ the back. Just putting on some detail touches to widen it out a bit. I'm leaving off the booster. I don't think I'm going to have enough time to get those in. Also I started sanding the inside of the helmet. Once that is done, I'm going to just sand the outside a bit to get rid of any rough edges. Question, do I paint first then remove the visor section or take that off first then paint?

Still have to redo his boots, build the shins and get him an new son outgrew the outfit we were planing on using....he's a weed I tell you...a weed!!

If I have time, I came up w/ a cool way to make some grenades. Went to the Dollar Tree and bought some foam globes.


I figure I can trace out the shape and use a hot knife to burn it out. Glue on a top/pin piece and paint. Instant grenade. If I have time that is.......10 days left!!!!!
When I did my son's helmet, I cut out the paper visor and fitted the plastic visor before I did any paint. That way if I needed to sand down any filler when I fit the visor it was no big deal. Good luck buddy! It's looking good.


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Some one asked me to post a close up of the shoulder pieces.


Of all the pieces so far....these are my favorites. I know they aren't as crisp and clean cut ans some Iv'e seen on the 405th, but that will come w/ time and me building more and more pieces.

I have the templates cut for the shins. I should......need to get them foamed and assembled by tonight. Running out of time. 8 days till deadline and I still don't have an undersuit for him. Going to be a long night.

- - - Updated - - -

Sorry about the multi post. something is wrong w/ my computer........probably it's me.......

Only got 1 shin done:


I was having a problem w/ everything lining up. The bottom sections were off and it threw the whole thing out of wack. I had to cut new pieces for the front to accommodate and even add a bit to another to bridge the gap correctly. The back was also an issue as I had to cut down the foam even more to allow for the curvature of the whole piece. The shin armor is upright and is even but the lines cut......not so much........everything has a slight tilt to it. Not enough that someone taking a quick glance at will notice......but I pride myself on quality work......I will probably trim some of the pieces while attached to even out the tilt. Not much but just so it doesn't look like he is walking like he could have had a V-8 (Show of hands......who got that commercial reference?).
I also got the 2 knee pads done but for some reason forgot 1 small plate on each of them.......or I may have tossed them out w/ the scrap pieces, not sure......It was around 3 AM when I finished putting this together and I was pretty zonked by then and couldn't even see straight......not that I'm doing much better now.......7 day to go and still a ton left to do. I think I'll pass out now.......Good nig.........ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.........
The work looks great!! I cant tell its crooked from the picture, but I totally understand the whole "It needs to be perfect to me" mentality. We are our own worst critic, and when it comes to costuming it's horrible... You also reminded me that I have to do some knee-pad scaling, modelling, and printing. Hooray rushing for deadlines!!!
Damn, you're epic. ;_;
You're doing a full build in a month, and I'm doing it half a year and I'm not even as far as you are. x_X
I really love the details! :D
Guys, you are great!!!! Thanks for the encouragement. Think I'm gona......:cry .......sniff....sniff....

Got the other shin done and it didn't take me all night. Only till 11:30 pm:


Again, it's slightly off on the cuts and a bit wobbly to look at up close.....I think if I ever do this again, which I probably will for myself, I'm going to do a little more Foam-Fu. After doing these 2 pieces, I see where a solid piece really would help. Most of sides and the whole back could be wrapped around in 1 solid piece and just the front be separate pieces to enclose it because of the need for the individual looking pieces there. Again if I have the time....I will be checking over the other completed armor sections and looking where I can put some of these detail foam pieces. It really make a difference. 6 days left. This weekend is a full court press on the helmet. The weather isn't going to be a help.....36 degrees and 70% chance of much for working outdoors. The shed it will be. Break out the portable heater. Don't call cuse I ain't gona answer.......Tuesday and Wednesday will be the best days so those are my painting days.......that will be cutting it really close...........the pressure....the pressure.......
Well, I hope from the bottom of my heart the Weather Gods will be kind to you 'cause heater or not, it can't be all that much fun working like that.
With a timeframe like you imposed on yourself, you'll need and deserve all the help you can get ! Not really sure how you cope with this, I would have already gone completly bonkers by now.
Crossing fingers&toes for you !
Ok big update!!!

Turns out I was wrong about my time frame deadline.....I have 2 days left not 3.....oops........Not much different but still have a lot to do. Managed to get a huge chunk done this weekend......Let take a look.....:


Everything fits, and I'm attaching everything w/ Velcro and elastic strapping, just as you see it in the picture. I still don't have the undersuit (Keep forgetting that little detail) so I have to improvise w/o for the moment.

Just about there. and I even got in the bicep armor!!!


Since I had some time before the snow came.......(Welcome 1st day of Spring!!!!).....I gave the whole thing a nice undercoat. I wanted to go w/ a silver but I didn't have enough on hand and the grey didn't show up so cleanly on the foam itself so I wan't sure if a got all the spots so I went w/ black......Sorry no pics.....and it looked much cleaner. Now I've got 1 day to spray the final color (what color green is it again?) and a clear coat to protect it as I'm still working on the helmet.......speaking of which.....


I have to fill in some gaps but almost ready to paint as well........2 days......Holy Moses....cutting it close......I'm going to have to put plastic down on the car seats so the paint won't stick at this rate......

One thing I did forget were the boots.......He may have to go w/o as he can't run in them.....and being a 10 year old at a costume carnival.....yeah, running is mandatory......BUT HE WILL BE THE COOLEST LOOKING KID THERE!!!!!!!! Almost there......just a bit more.......


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Ok I managed to get everything painted but didn't have time to do any detailing. It looks a bit drab but way cooler than I expected for my first time building something like this and 1st time using EVA foam. I learned a ton from doing, reading, and from all of your tips. Thank you all. Still have a bit of assembly to do but that shouldn't take too long. Lets take a look:


As I said.......a bit drab and plain but complete. I was really nervous because I didn't prime it first.....The first layer was all black.....It's what I had at the moment...and it just drank all the paint......Then I went w/ a Moss Green which turned out wwaaaayyyyy to green......He would have looked like a walking blade of grass.....So back to the forum and looking for the correct color.....and came across the video tutorial from Adam. W/o even hearing it....I'm at work......I got the jist of what I needed (and what I needed to do)...Oregano....So back to the store I go and 2 cans later I have a lovely set of matched armor.....But wait there's more:


The low budget, for background filming only, yes we can see the seams, helmet!!! God this thing was a nightmare........and still is, but for tonight, it's going to be the greatest costume at the carnival. Later on, I'm going to fix things and fill in in the gaps that were exposed after I painted.....must have been blind tired before since there are so many......and start working towards Comicon in NYC. Great..... a new deadline!!!!! Just finished w/ this one......Ok will post pics of the fully assembled suit and him wearing it........later. have to get back to work now so I can leave early and finish up the assembly. Again, thank you all for your help and encouragement!!!! You guys are the best.........Keep building.


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Honestly, very few have the ***** to commit to this kind of project in a one month time frame, and considering what you still had to do 5 days ago I was seriously doubting you'd meet your d(e)adline.
Thankfully, you proved me wrong and furthermore, I think your son will have the best suit out there !
Congrats and have loads of fun you guys !
Thanks.......I had a great time doing it and can't wait till the next suit. Going to be EPIC....(ahhhh the delusions of grandeur.......)!!!!
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