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    I've been aching to do a Dark Souls build for a couple years now but I just couldn't find any files and I didn't want to free hand because I know it would turn out bad. I'm sure some of you in the community feel the same way and have had the same problem; so along with sharing a GOLD MINE of pep files, I'll attempt to do an Artorias foam unfold!​


    I found these files at : Cosplay Archive - Dark souls papercraft

    Most of them are not unfolded, but I'm sure you guys can unfold them! If you don't know which you want to do a build on, I recommend downloading the Dark souls full armor mega As the name implies, there is a BUNCH of game accurate armors there such as A_9700.
    That particular file is the game accurate but not anatomically correct version of Artorias. Unless you're a skeleton I doubt you'd be able to wear that armor, so I suggest if you are doing an Artorias build to use A_9700 file as reference with the Artorias armor wearable file.

    Feel free to unfold them yourself or ask me any questions. ALSO I recommend extracting the full mega armor files into a different folder because there's just so much!
    I also just want to add this link here, it's a website to order differing thicknesses of foam which some of you may find useful:
    Cross Linked Polyethylene - 2LB

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  2. Cosmonaut

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    Its finished!

    (but you may have to edit it)

    Unfortunately while unfolding and looking at reference pictures, I discovered that not all parts of the Artorias wearable armor are game accurate. Although I still unfolded it for those of you who don't mind some inaccuracies. I also had an issue with scaling this model; I'm about 70 inches tall with a waist span of 34 inches. I had the scale the armor up to 85 inches in height so that the waist piece could properly fit around me. I also had to take into account the thickness of foam I'd be using and I am still unsure if this scale is right for me. So take your time scaling, be absolutely sure that it is a comfortable fit and take the thickness of foam you will use into account.​

    Parts not game accurate: Forearm piece (There are only 7 rows not 9) / Shoulder piece / Thigh pieces / Knee pieces / Shin pieces / Foot pieces / Side hip pieces (There are only 4 pieces not 5)

    *EDIT* You'll find the templates if you scroll out, they are all to the left

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    Cosmonaut - Nice work! I wanted to let you know about a program called ArmorSmith that might help you. It is a way to put multiple .pdo files onto one mannequin to help with scaling. Unlike pepakura though you can edit file dimensions independently. Thought this might help you with height/waist issue. That way you can make one change without changing the other.
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  4. Cosmonaut

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    Thanks! I'll be sure to check that out when I get to my build
  5. Lowcone494


    You wouldnt happen to have the Artorias set where each part is separate would you?
  6. Cosmonaut

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    I have only one and it is the helmet but I'm sure there is someway to split up the armor set.

    *EDIT* AAAAANNNNDDD THERE IS! or at least I think so. I'm not entirely savvy with this kind of stuff so tell me if it works please.
    delete parts in Pepakura?

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    Ill take a look at it! thanks for the info
  8. Sword Breaker

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    Any luck so far? :)

    And Cosmonaut, amazing find mate! I decided to try out foam building and I want to start with Artorias... I really would like to to fit the pieces to myself, which is why I also bit the bullet and bought Armorsmith xD
    (Had too many miscalculations during my chest making for the spartan build)

    So, i'd really love to be able to separately scale the pieces from the file you found..
    How is your build going so far? :D
  9. Cosmonaut

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    Dang man sorry to keep you waiting for so long, I've been doing other things. Really the plan was to choose between an Artorias build and this build for my Kensei from For Honor; I ended up falling back to the Kensei and haven't paid much attention to all this until today I decided "why not check up on things?" As if now I don't plan on doing any builds until summer and an Artorias build most likely will not happen. Cheers
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    Hey, I was wondering, is there a thread or something that can help me figure out how to use pepakura?
  11. PerniciousDuke

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