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    I've been aching to do a Dark Souls build for a couple years now but I just couldn't find any files and I didn't want to free hand because I know it would turn out bad. I'm sure some of you in the community feel the same way and have had the same problem; so along with sharing a GOLD MINE of pep files, I'll attempt to do an Artorias foam unfold!​


    I found these files at : Cosplay Archive - Dark souls papercraft

    Most of them are not unfolded, but I'm sure you guys can unfold them! If you don't know which you want to do a build on, I recommend downloading the Dark souls full armor mega As the name implies, there is a BUNCH of game accurate armors there such as A_9700.
    That particular file is the game accurate but not anatomically correct version of Artorias. Unless you're a skeleton I doubt you'd be able to wear that armor, so I suggest if you are doing an Artorias build to use A_9700 file as reference with the Artorias armor wearable file.

    Feel free to unfold them yourself or ask me any questions. ALSO I recommend extracting the full mega armor files into a different folder because there's just so much!
    I also just want to add this link here, it's a website to order differing thicknesses of foam which some of you may find useful:
    Cross Linked Polyethylene - 2LB

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    Its finished!

    (but you may have to edit it)

    Unfortunately while unfolding and looking at reference pictures, I discovered that not all parts of the Artorias wearable armor are game accurate. Although I still unfolded it for those of you who don't mind some inaccuracies. I also had an issue with scaling this model; I'm about 70 inches tall with a waist span of 34 inches. I had the scale the armor up to 85 inches in height so that the waist piece could properly fit around me. I also had to take into account the thickness of foam I'd be using and I am still unsure if this scale is right for me. So take your time scaling, be absolutely sure that it is a comfortable fit and take the thickness of foam you will use into account.​

    Parts not game accurate: Forearm piece (There are only 7 rows not 9) / Shoulder piece / Thigh pieces / Knee pieces / Shin pieces / Foot pieces / Side hip pieces (There are only 4 pieces not 5)

    *EDIT* You'll find the templates if you scroll out, they are all to the left

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    Cosmonaut - Nice work! I wanted to let you know about a program called ArmorSmith that might help you. It is a way to put multiple .pdo files onto one mannequin to help with scaling. Unlike pepakura though you can edit file dimensions independently. Thought this might help you with height/waist issue. That way you can make one change without changing the other.
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    Thanks! I'll be sure to check that out when I get to my build
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    You wouldnt happen to have the Artorias set where each part is separate would you?
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    I have only one and it is the helmet but I'm sure there is someway to split up the armor set.

    *EDIT* AAAAANNNNDDD THERE IS! or at least I think so. I'm not entirely savvy with this kind of stuff so tell me if it works please.
    delete parts in Pepakura?

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    Ill take a look at it! thanks for the info

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