The fixing of my brim

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Dark Rogue

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Well, while bondoing my helmet, I dropped it and it proceeded to crack the brim and even took some off in some places. I ended up just ripping the whole bottom and side of the brim off, and I'm putting cardboard there and I'll bondo over that. But for now, here's some pics and i'll try to update soon.

(Also, I have a bit of warpage which happened after I I'm going to attempt to fix that as well.)


Here's a quick update, I got the cardboard in. Next up is resining it to make it though, because it's cold and rainy here in Arkansas.. Also, a little pic of what I used to do it too. Not all of the stuff is there, though...(Had to sacrifice some of my Rock Band Special Edition/H3 Legendary case...=P)





oh dear...did you really kill your halo 3 legendary edition box to fix that? if only i had known sooner...i could have prevented this travesty by giving you other boxes... :p but yeah, just get some bondo or some other stuff over the brim to make it look smooth and i think you have resurrected it! MUAHAHAHA
I think i'm just gonna go with the 'hot glue' bath, due to lack of funds for resin and a lot of glue sticks lying around...So I think i'll do that today and tommorow, and hot glue it in tommorow(or maybe a good adhesive).

Then I'll bondo over it and detail the sucker on the bottom. Then I can hopefully finish carving the left side of the helm.
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