General's Build of the MK IV (WIP)


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Greetings and hello fellow Halo costumers and cosplayers. GeneralSpeer here back with another Halo build after more or less completing my ODST Recon build, some folks of which saw in person at DragonCon23. This time though, we are delving into the realm of Spartan Builds. And while it's been a toss up for a while now of weather or not to build the MK 6 armor from Halo 4, or the MK 4 armor from Halo Wars. With all the recent hype with the Spirit of Fire battle pass being added to Infinite and my love for Halo Wars in general, my mind was made up.

While I love the OG look of Red team from HW, I have been inspired by the color combinations as well as additional accessories available in the SoF battle pass and my goal will be to build a suit resembling one of the many configurations in game.

The Concept:
While I am still figuring out color options, most everything about this suit will be 3D printed using the MK IV files from Galactic Armory which I am already well underway of the printing of parts. Because I usually go for durability in my builds, I have opted to use PTEG as the material of choice for the bulk of the armor while also using CosPLA from Polymaker for the ease of sanding and post-production on some of the smaller and less load bearing parts such as the hands and arm parts. While I am already 6'2" in height, I am going to add a lift to the bottom of some boots such that I can get closer to a Spartan's height.

In addition to the armor, I will be working on patterns to do a utility suit to be worn underneath and the goal will be to integrate the rigging into the suit such that one doesn't see any strapping when wearing the armor. I am currently testing out materials rapping around high density upholstery foam for a separate project, but will likely use a very similar method here. Additionally, I will be making a series of utility pouches to attach to the armor as part of the soft goods layout.

And for weapon props, I have already decided that I am going with the classic Spartan Laser with duel wielding SMGs. While many have used things such as magnets, I hope to actually use a series of Fidlocks by means of attachment, hopefully finding ones that are low profile and that I can add a sequence of them to the armor without them being terribly noticeable.

All in all, I am super excited for the build and this is going to be fun as I am also going to attempt to add a variety of electronics to the suit as well. Comments, suggestions, critiques and advice are always welcome and I am excited to get started on this.

AWESOME, I love this so much. Does that mean a GA spartan laser lol?? and the smgs are very classic
I wish! No, I found files for a Laser off of Etsy, the goal will be to mod a saber core with mayyyybe some Arduino shenanigans to make a pulsing laser effect. In the Bambu and Orcaslicer slicers, you can actually in the models add holes and such to a model and save it as such, which I am super excited about.
Welp, more pieces are being printed off for the MK 4, I have the chest plate already to role, just needs some clean up of some of the scraggly bits before post production work begins. Is it a little large? Perhaps? Are Spartans sometimes big and choncky? Yes. In addition to the armor parts, the Spartan Laser is progressing nicely. I am going for the classic design look, but that could change depending on the setup for the armor and SMGs. In any instance, I am pleased with the progress.
Screenshot 2024-02-14 203128.png
Welp, more progress has been made as we now have a full Spartan Laser. This thing is a beast and I have a 32oz water bottle for scale. This will be one heck of a post production sequence. I might intentionally make a "smaller" primary prop because lugging this thing around, despite it being 7 to 8 pounds, is a lot after a while. Still, it looks amazing and I am stoked to get it done.
Spartan Laser.jpg

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