Thought I Would Introduce Myself


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Hello members of the 405th, figured I would finally introduce myself, since I registered my account back in december, but did nothing with it (college really sucks the life out of you)

But anyways the name is Slim and just got into armormaking. Fortunately I spent about a solid month just reading tutorials and threads last october/november, so I have a pretty decent idea of how stuff is done around here.

Gonna officially start my armor this weekend with a few friends, who are starting stuff themselves. I have managed to pep and resin a Mark VI helmet, just need to fiberglass it and bondo(and seriously considering molding) it.

Planning on mixing some Mark IV elements in the armor as well...I am pretty excited for that as well.

But yeah, that's my plans so far for halo props. And again hello everyone, I hope to be part of this community for a long while.


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Hey welcome to the 405th !!!! Im new to and im already getting into it . Dont worry much just if you follow tutoriols you'll be ok ! Once again welcome and have fun!!!!!!!

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