TigerCon 2022

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Con appearance request.
Who: Tiger Con is an anime, sci-fi, gaming, cosplay and comic convention held in Valdosta, Georgia on the weekend of November 5-6, 2022. This is our fourth year hosting the convention. We trace our origins to the Moody Comics and Anime Club on Moody Air Force Base. Moody AFB is the home of the Flying Tigers, and while our convention is not officially connected with the Air Force, we have selected the name Tiger Con to reflect our origins as a base club.
Where: Rainwater Convention Center, Valdosta, Georgia
When: November 5-6

This con is a small con that has requested our appearance. Passes are provided and they are hoping for 5-10 members. If you are able and willing to participate, please sign up. I do plan to go to this con myself, so if you have question let me know.
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