totally wack Halo Live experiences

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come on! you know what im talkn about! the crazy stuff youve managed to do that completely defies the physics of the game, man! so share ur stuff and see just how great Halo really is!!
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I was playing tonight and I walked straight up to someone and shot them
point blank with the shotgun. He wasn't really playing and I like pressed
the barrel against his head. When I pulled the trigger the game went to the blue screen. And when it reloaded I was dead.

Gotta love the Lag!

Also just a funny story I was playing Assault on Lockout, and the other
team was all huddled in the bottom of the grav lift. I snuck up on them
and just popped out and I swear they all just looked at me in disbelief for
like 4 seconds. We're just standing there staring at each other. ;) I
had time to say 'Hi' and laugh uncontrollably and then of course they
made short work of me...

It's moments like that that keep this game fun forever.
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