Trading Halo avatar codes for Double EXP


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<div class="bbWrapper">Hello. I don't consume Mountain Dew/ Doritos and so I'm looking to get some double exp codes in return for these Halo avatar codes:<br /> <br /> Halo 4 Master Chief Avatar armor (Female)<br /> Noble 6 Avatar Helmet<br /> Halo 4 Avatar Tee (Male and Female)<br /> Spartan IV Recruit Avatar armor (Male and female)<br /> <br /> <br /> Looking for at least 12 EXP Matches per code. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!</div>


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<div class="bbWrapper">really man XP for stuff? i still have my codes from reach, and ODST, i could get rid of them no matter how hard i tried. but good luck to that.</div>


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<div class="bbWrapper">i got two caps and a bag if you put in a combo of bag and cap you should get two extra so thats eleven 3+3+3+2xtra=11 my email is <a href=""></a> ps i like the six helm and avy tee and i am still gettin the codes i love both doritos and mtn dew</div>