Triple ODST Spartan Build


405th Regiment Officer
Super Busy Saturday Update!

I'll be doing finishing work on all armor components this weekend so I'll take pictures when I can.

More fun spot puttying the Splaser! Have a short vid!


I've also started printing several flexible TPU parts and they have come out pretty good too! If anyone knows any ways of doing finishing processes on this material I'd love to know about it, let me know!

See everyone Wednesday for probably the largest update on this thread!


405th Regiment Officer
It's still Wednesday, so update time!

This week has been all spot putty all the time, I have gotten a majority of all of the parts spot puttied, sanded and primed aside for a few stragglers.

The GUNGNIR helmet is primed and ready for final sanding before getting it's base coat and once painted be fitted with electronics!

All the paint and weathering should be done by the beginning of next week and will be ready for fitment next week!

Have some videos of a few random processes and a few pics of all the parts!






I hope to have most of the parts having their base coat and maybe a few accent colors done by the Saturday update, which will probably be a late night update as well. Until then I hope everyone's projects are going well and I'll see you Saturday!
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