Tutorial: How to use Pepakura to make your Mjolnir Armor

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I'm afraid your fault description won't cut it...

Can you see the text, but not the pictures?
Can you see the links but can't click on them?
Do you have paperkura installed? Does it run without problems.? Have you tried saving the linked files and then opening them separetely?

What OS are you using? What browser?

There's all number of potential problems you could be having just saying "you can't see crap," Won't help us, or you...

want to thank you for this very help full just one thing can you repost the crotch its not working thanks for all you done.almost done with my suit about 75% done :mrgreen:
That's 'cause it's Groin.pdo not Crotch.pdo. If you give me a mo. I'll ftp onto my webserver, duplicate and rename it.


OK, the old link should work okay again now.

-2nd edit-

This is from another thread here..

To Add the default texture details...

Open paperkura and open the .pdo file.
(You have to edit each one separately. Once I get final versions I'll update 'em)

Go to BothWindows. Make sure 'use materials for faces' is checked.
Then go to 3DModelWindow, click on texture configuration and click on specify texture image. You can now specify a texture to 'wrap around' the 3D Mesh.
You can use

To reset it to white just uncheck use materials for faces in the BothWindows menu.
Darth-Malevelus said:
Very sweet!!!

Can you do the rest like that?


The ones I do straight off the .pdo files, I'll try and remember to convert and put up. I'm average height so I will be modifying some of the other pieces. Not to mention, I'm going to be trying to do a Halo 3 suit, so there will be other changes. It just boils down to how I end up making the rest of the pieces.
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Im 6'2" tall, and am also trying to do a Halo 3 mod on this as well. But I have to get it built first. LOL

Once I have the rough glassed pieces I can start modding them into H3 stuff.
And make sure you use posterboard, or sintra sheets. It must be something reasonably strong and rigid, printer paper will look like a flt tire once your done.

Ive tried this as a test, and it looked very very bad.
Register the software. Pepakura is free to use as long as you don't plan on saving your file or exporting it. It costs $38 to register and have the fully functional version.
SO I pritned the right forearm and hand but I ran out on the last 2 pages of cardstock, is there some way that when I get more i can jsut print the last 2?
You got three options-

A) Print to a .mdi file to save the layout and :cool: tell it to print pages number wanted through number wanted in print options (Ctrl+P) later

Keep the program open until you get more and B again

Remake the exact layout again in pepakura later and B again
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