Tutorial: How to use Pepakura to make your Mjolnir Armor

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I got the cables switched out and messed around with the settings in the printer and Pepakura itself. And I got it woking, thanks for the help and advice. Can't wait to get working on my armor!
I clicked on the link of the helmet but it says that cant find the webpage???????????????????????/

Those files are long gone, and there's a bunch of posts on this thread saying so, starting only one page back. Try downloading the All in one Pepakura Pack. You'll find it if you search for it.
To find files, go here: http://halocostuming.wikia.com/wiki/Pepakura_File_Index

The people that are new to the site and posted here, SHOULD do some more reading to learn the rules and the "stickies" in all the threads because they DO list links for the files. ;)

This thread is many years old, you can tell by looking at the VERY first post. I would also like to point out that General Eggs and zach0504 necro-posted which is a pretty big no-no on the site. It's one of the rules. :p

And zach0504, to answer your question, you CAN turn on the edge ID. Some files don't have it shown because when you zoom in on the pieces on the right side in pepakura, it causes lag from loading all the numbers. In pepakura, at the top, click on "2D Menu". Look for where it says "Show Edge ID". Just click on that and the menu will disappear after you click on it, but if you click on 2D Menu again, you will see that there is anow a check mark to the left meaning that the function is now activated. :)
it click on the link and the window pops up and says internet explorer cannot display web page and my modem is fine. does anyone else have this problem?
It is a little misleading, since the Intro Manual brings you to page 1 for Pepakura tutorial and file sourse and lists all of the files but only if you aren't paying attention. we are on page 26 of this thread.....so yeah is only a few years old. something is bound to be dead at this point.
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