Tutorial: How to use Pepakura to make your Mjolnir Armor


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Wow pepakura looks really cool, but I have a Mac so is it compatible with it? I have searched around the site and can't find anything about Mac compability... :evil: Help would be nice :mrgreen:

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Ya, i tried downloading it but it said

This is a exectuble file. Usually exectuble files contain viruses and other things that harm you computer do you wish to continue opening pepakura_designer_2?

I don't want to get a computer virus again, so I dont know what to do. I virus scanned it and it says it's clean, but i dont know whether i should risk my comp getting another virus again. Please help. :roll:

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I want pepakura really badly cause i think my armor kinda sucks. But i dont wana risk losing all my stuff on my comp due to virus.


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Agreed, I have had no such problems with a virus being hidden with Pepakura. If you are really that worried scan the file after you download it and scan where it's installed to afterwards :mrgreen:


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Windows tells you that every .exe file could contain a virus, because it could. Pepakura does not contain a virus. You will get that warning every single time you try to download and run a .exe file, even if it's clean.


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I work in the IT dept of a University. If the application had a virus, I would never have told anybody about it.


Well, me and my friend were planning on making some Spartan Armour and, i was wondering, is Pepakura durable? We'd be using regular paper and cardboard as top layer.

Wow, Pepakura huh? The Future is here.


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It all really depends on what the final purpose for the armor is...

Display? It'll be fine.

Wearing? If you reinforce it It'll be ok if you take care.

Airsoft/paintball? Not without some serious work.

Thanks JediFraz, it'll mostly be display but, there will be times where ill wear it. Thanks again. :mrgreen:


Mmmmm. After printing out my helmet i was a little puzzled what material i would use for my visor so, i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I was thinking of using a peice of that see-through-coloured-card-stuff-that-resembles-plastic. *cough*


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Yeah, if you are going with just cardboard or cardstock paper as your final version then I would say that would work well.

Ok, as much i hate to do this but,Yet again i still have Questions about Pepakura.
1# Is there a particular way i have to fold each line (Towards the dotted line or away from.)
2# Whats with the straightlines and dotted lines criss crossing at points.
3# Is there a certain angle i should fold.

Ahck...I could use that screen saver right about now.


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This is all in the tutorial, but since Im feeling generous...:)

Paperkura follows standard international rules for paper folding (Origani etc)

Solid lines are complete cuts.

dashed lines ------- Mountain fold or /\. For thicker cardstock a *light* score along these lines helps a great deal.
dotted dashes _._._._ Valley fold \/ A light score along the unprinted side helps with these but don't worry too much about it. As long as you crease along the line it'll be fine.

Cut out the shape and fold as far as you are able. If it's been folded too much it's not a problem but if it isn't folded enough.. It can cause problems when trying to glue the tabs in place.

Oh...Wow. Thats, um... I think i may be in way over my head :roll: This is harder than i thought.

Anyway, i wanna thank FrizzleFry for making this tutorial and JediFraz for making the Models. Good work guys!