Tutorial: ODST Visors (and other useful info)


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Hugh, I'm new to this whole building costumes business. But from what I've gathered (by skimming through all this) is it possible that I just buy a vac form visor (off of etsy.com or something) and use the krylon blue on that? I've been dying for a blue odst visor, but I wanted vac so it looks best. :)

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Hi hugh, very cool demo, I'm hoping to get to work on my own ODST armour soon, just to clarify, will other brands of metallic spray paint work as well? In the Uk, it's hard to get a hold of that specific label. Thanks


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My helmet Is almost finished but Now it comes to the visor. I want to know How to both make and properly install the visor to hold it in place.


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I found that before I found this post It's a guy showing how he tinted his football visor, I went and found it on amazon. So maybe curvature problem is only limited to certain brands. I'm apprehensive about spray paint I want something that is going to stand up to water and the elements and in all honesty everything I've seen with chroming is with spray paint and I'd rather not try too many times at it and waste money, which is why I'm willing to settle for a window tint two way mirror and a crisp clear view, function at the cost of fashion. What do you guys think about putting a black window tint on the back of the plastic and putting a different tint on the front of the plastic, or same color both sides/one side??
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Major necro post here. The thread was made in 2011 ans 2015 was the last reply. Please don't reply to these threads as it pushes new active content down. ;)


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Tutorials don't die Hein B107 . Good looking out, but tutorials are a good place to centralize questions. This rule is primarily for build threads as there is a high turnover rate since building suits is not easy. After 3 months we consider a build dead unless revived by OP (original poster).

Edit: Natures GermX Look at the first paragraph in the first post. There is a link to a previous tutorial. That tutorial doesn't have pictures, but it has more detailed information about how to do this method.
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