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Hey all for the past month me & fellow colonial members have been streaming over twitch of our builds through skype being hosted by me ObiJeff. Just wanted to know if anyone else would be interested in joining us on stream via skype while they build or work on there armor. If so please leave your skype username below in a reply. We stream Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday. from 3pm to 10pm Eastern.
I have yet to start my first build, but a live stream of a build would be awesome to watch! Whats your Twitch username? Id love to watch
Sounds like a really good learning opportunity for everyone!? I'd be interested in watching at the least. May motivate me to get started on my next build lol. I might be int interested in joining in as well. Username?
I don't have any builds, but this does sound interesting! If you are all still active I will have to check it out!

Not sure you'll find any love there, OP hasn't been active in three years.

I'd suggest taking a scroll through the first couple of pages of the Halo Costumes and Armour or the New Recruits sections to see the active build threads. I know there's going to be a few coming to a close as summer ends so there'll be lots of glamour shots.
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