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I've noticed lately that I have been having horrible lag with a lot of new games I've been trying out. Yet for some reason WoW runs just fine with only a little lag here and there. I thought is was weird but I just ignored it. But when I tried to play Team Fortress 2 on my 360 yesterday it wouldnt let me join any games, and if it did I lagged BADLY. I tried the same with CoD4 and it was very difficult to join any game at all. So I went online and took a Speed test and....well.....


I looked at these results and pretty much woke my father up screaming "WTF". My ping is off the chart, and my upload speed is horrendous. Though it seems my Download speed is a little above average. Does anyone know what I need to do? Do I need to get my father to call up my ISP and curse up a storm?

Help please, I really want to be able to play 2142 and Guild Wars without walking forward 2 steps and lagging back 4 steps.

Well ill be damned. Well it turns out my problem was really that difficult to solve. I looked at all my programs currently in use and I got to thinking. Turns out that my problem was BITTORRENT! Turns out all my pirating and stealing was the downfall of my $#!Tty connection :(


Go ahead and lock this mods, I solved my own problem :p


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i figured my internet would be even crappier, but those are the results i got.

There could be a number of problems with your internet speed. off the otp of my head heres everything i can think of, some of its fixable, some isn't.

-if you live in an apartment complex, they may all share the same ethernet connection, and would slow it down
-the network traffic in your house
-number of computers hooked up to your router
-age of your router (mainly outdated firmware)
-non-optimized settings on your router
-old DSL/ cable modem
-whether or not your operating your 360 on wi-fi or wired

thats about everything i can think of. the first obvious step would be to run the diagnostics on the network form the 360 and see how it stacks up, it could be a problem with a firewall, NAT settings, or anythign else.

if you've got an extremely ancient router or cable modem, you might try replacing that, if either are still fairly new (within a few years of purchase), try going to your ISP's or router manufacturer's website and seeing if theres any new firmware for either of them.

if you've got a large number of computers operating on your home LAN, unplug or power down a couple not in use to free up traffic.

those are all the options i can think of. If all else fails, call your ISP and threaten to switch providers. We have comcast, so they give us our cable and internet, and the internet used to go out all the time for no reason (turns out squirrels were living in the box outside in our backyard that hooked up half of our subdivision's homes with the net) so when we'd threaten to leave for AT&T, they were quick to please, sent guys out and offered us free cinemax for a couple years.

Good luck man, how this all gets sorted out.


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Though my specs are poor compared to yours, I figured out that Bittorrent was eating at my Upload speed. Thanks for the suggestions though :D Ill look into it
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