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What Color to paint?

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  • Pink

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Hey everyone, I'm new here and I started my project a week ago or so and today I finally resined the outside of the helmet today. So I decided to post up some pictures during the resining. Then tomorrow I will update with pictures of fiberglassing and so on. So I would like it if people would critique my helm and maybe even give me some tips. O and I have no clue what color to paint my helm. I was thinking about painting it mainly white with some red accents and battle damage.

Wearing helm with aves before resin:

Safety First:


Before resin:




First batch of Resin:


Second batch of Resin:






I will update tomorrow after I fiberglass and sand!
I used the scoring method, by Iceman. I took several passes with the pen to get some really good scoring. Which took a good deal of time but at the end it payed off with really easy folding by hand, and it looks very clean. O and I used hot glue to piece it together, after trying every other method I heard on the forums, hot glue works by far the best. I still need color suggestions. Plz
I'm glad you posted a pic with your face inside the helmet. I couldn't tell how big I needed mine, and yours looks about right. But now I have to remake mine... :|
When i did mine it was tyme consuming and frustrating but fairly easy to piece together till the end...and i noticed every one has the numbers on the out side...when I fold and piece mine together the numbers are not showing but I fold backwards I guess.Wouldn't it be better not to show the numbers?And dint the hot glue warp the paper a little?
I used a 26.108232 scale for my helm. But I also made quite a few adjustments to the hole where you put your head in so my head could squeeze in. My head is a 23.5 inch circumference and is 9 inches from my chin to the top of my head. For anyone that wants to know, so they can scale their helm appropriately.
I still need color suggestions.
Thanks again for the comments.

*edit* No it really didn't warp that much when I used hot glue. Nothing you can't fix.
looks really good, cant wait to see it done

you also cant make up your mind on paint either huh? that makes 2 of us
Nice helm. I think metallic red would look cool

For the armors and helms I own/owned, or are in progress, I chose

Teal,Teal/Gray mix and white,Metallic Dark Aqua,MC Green (1 and 2),Metallic Red,Silver,Sage

They all look pretty good in my opinion. Of course you could always be daring and try a lightish red :hyper:
so your not sure on the color? i might go black, blue or the standard green. im still not sure

dont forget to post pics of your progress
Ok so I just completed my first batch of fiberglass. For those who want to know I used fiberglass mat. I glassed a 12 by 6 inch piece, with about 2 ounces of resin. I glued down the mat with hot glue. I tried using the brush on the resin method, but all it did was pull up the mat fibers. So I just poured the resin on the mat then spreaded the resin over the mat. Then I pushed down the few remaining parts that were sticking up with a stick. O and I definitely would suggest that people go with fiberglass cloth instead of the mat. Because it would be a lot less messy. So here are the pics, I'll update again in a couple hours when I glass again.

Fans are very helpful:

My measuring cups from cough syrup containers (very helpful so you don't have to guess):


The Fiberglass mat:

Laying the Cloth inside the helm, before resin:



After coating the mat with Resin:





I will update again after I fiberglass in a couple of hours. O and I still need color suggestions. Thanks for all the comments.
Nice job :mrgreen: :mrgreen: !! i screwed my pep helmet when i tried to mache it. Im using a old pep helm to base my new cardboard helm. But i think you should do mc green OR black and silver, Imo. but thats just me ;-)

And the Dr. Pepper looks good. Lol.
About how much resin compound are you putting in by fiberglass weight? I know the recommended ratio's around 1:1 or 50/50.
It's not the ratio of hardener to resin, it's the ratio of resin + hardener to the fiberglass that you're using.

The Fiberglass' weight per square foot should be listed somewhere with the product information.
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