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Underarmor? I think so!

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by BlacRoseImmortal, May 14, 2008.

  1. UNSC Leatherneck

    UNSC Leatherneck Well-Known Member

    For an undersuit I would recommend not using Spandex for the reasons mentioned above. Instead try a fabric manufactured by Polartec. Yep, that's the company that makes the best fleece in the world. The fabric is called Power Dry. It is a lightweight breathable base layer designed to wick moisture away from your skin. Keeping you cooler and more comfortable. As a bonus, the fabric is also available with Odor Resistant Technology, so your undersuit won't smell like something (or someone) just died in it. On the issue of padding, I think mesh pockets that individual pads can be inserted in is the best way to go. Removable padding means you can wash the undersuit (back to the smell bit). A combination of open and closed cell foam pads should work well. Just remember to break the padding into segments, as closed cell foam doesn't really do compound curves in the most comfortable manner. Good Luck.

    The source for Polartec fabrics for the home sewer is Malden Mills Direct Textiles . Beware of imitators.
  2. luketrocity

    luketrocity Member

    I'm curious about all the velcro hating going on! I used industrial strength velcro and have zero issues with it so far.
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  3. BlacRoseImmortal


    lol, I was young, the Velcro overpowered me. I feel violated.
  4. UNSC Leatherneck

    UNSC Leatherneck Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a heckuva story there. o_O
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  5. CommanderFluffy

    CommanderFluffy Well-Known Member

    hey kelly, i know im going against my oath not to help people with their under armor and sugesting things myself and binary are working on but why not have on your undersuit some sort of button clips that can be reatached to spicfic peices of armor. or some sort of thing you can snap another peice onto! im on xbl this weekend we will talk about this if you want... binary will be working so no sexy voice.
  6. BlacRoseImmortal


    DAMN! he told me hed be on tonight!!! I NEED TO HEAR HIS GODLY VOICE!!! now im sad.

    And i thought about the snap on pieces and i was thinking of doing that with the torso piece, I also though about having to wear this full body undersuit and having to go to the bathroom so i want to make pieces that come off easily and quickly lol.
  7. CommanderFluffy

    CommanderFluffy Well-Known Member

    well the bathroom part is easy go into halo 2 ok.. kill your guy and see if he or she dies laying down with his legs apart and knees pointing upward... now go and get a sniper find your guy zoom in 10X at his crotch you will find a material rather than the actuall armor.. same thing in all aromor suits yet no one has noticed it before. between his legs is a zipper! so female acess to washrooms... male acess the front caseing sorrounding the crocth open up and there you go...

    evan will be on tonite just not saturday or sunday most likely
  8. BlacRoseImmortal


    Hrm, a bladder relief crotch zipper....

    sounds like a great idea lol.

    Well tell Evan I'm looking forward to hearing his voice<33333333 lol

    Holy Cow, I have alllllooooooooootttt of Halo dates this weekend lol. Gotta make time for all of them plus building my mannequin/Sniper Rifle/Chest plate/Drinking..... where am I gonna get all this time!??!?
  9. CommanderFluffy

    CommanderFluffy Well-Known Member

    Drinking, your not allowed to drink, you too young....-.-* Unless it is coke or pepsi of course. Send me one aswell xD
  10. BlacRoseImmortal


    Hey, age aint nothing but a number lol. If it wernt for me my favorite bar would have gone out of business awhile ago, i practically pay their rent lol.
  11. Nicktendo

    Nicktendo Well-Known Member

    Ok, here's my thoughts. JoeyCoz, with his hot glue method, also briefly mentioned wanting to coat the under armor pieces in Plasti-Dip. According to the Plasti-Dip site, it's a "Stretchy rubber coating remains flexible when applied to ... anything that paint is applied to."

    I'm thinking I definitely want to try some kind of rubber as the casting medium (polyurethane rubber, probably) and coat it in this stuff for strength and color, but to help it retain it's flexibility.
  12. BlacRoseImmortal


    I totally missed that part, that sounds like a grand idea.
  13. Nicktendo

    Nicktendo Well-Known Member

    ALSO, I just found out soon after posting that, that Thorssoli used some Plasti-Dip on his girlfriend's helmet, (in the same way I had planned on doing. Thanks for being a guinea pig Thor!) and it looks amazing...

    I think using Plasti-Dip throughout the 'soft' pieces of the armor would really tie it all together, pushing the feeling that the suit is one piece as a whole, and not one suit worn under another.
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  14. Humungotron

    Humungotron Jr Member

    Ahh, yes. Snappy things. Not to be a butt, but one of the office ladies uses terms like this. If she needs pliers, she asks for pinchy things, and screwdrivers are stabby-slash-turny things.
    Personally, I think it's awesome. more things need to be described like this. When I was a kid, I called brussels sprouts 'salad balls', and butter was 'the yellow container with a white lid, with the white letters that say 'butter' on them' so don't think you're alone.

    Side note: has anyone tried doing the hot glue method, but laying some black cloth into the mold before using the hot glue? I'm not a hot glue user, as i grabbed one by the nozzle when I was like 10, and I'm still scared of the damned things. I was just curious if the fabric would prevent having to paint it, or at least cut down on the amount of spraying required.
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  15. BlacRoseImmortal


    lol, nice i like to name objects and end them with "thingy" lol. Im not a hot glue user either, When i was in elementary school i got an entire melted stick drawn across one of my arms..... someone tried to write their name on me. It sucked mostly because I couldnt shake it off and I had to endure the pain till it cooled..... good times :cautious:
  16. Deadguy

    Deadguy Well-Known Member

    Polar tech's suit "body Dry" line isn't exactly what you want. It'll keep you dry by wicking away the moisture and defeating your body's natural reflex to cool itself through sweat, meanwhile depositing the sweat onto the outside of the suit.

    If you don't use a cooling vest too, you're gonna' be nasty and squishy wet.

    I'm looking into chem cooling suits where your sweat is absorbed into little pellets that become gel and expand. The nice thing is that the gel is replacable and/or reusable, and gives back a STRONG cooling effect as it absorbs the sweat.

    My initial thoughts are that since the gel/pellets are replaceable, it should be availible somewhere for us to add to whatever system we want to.

    Meanwhile.. investigation into cast urethane underarmor has lead me to understand that you could cast the exposed outside areas in a strong yet soft semi-breathable flexible black urethane-like rubber that's availible, and attach an inside layer for stuffing lining with cooling gel pouches, perhaps made of the polar tech material.

    Then you'd sweat and cool yourself and be a good match for the in game underarmor. You could even hide a backbrace to use as a girdle of sorts if it's all planned out right.

    Only drawback is that unless I make it tailor-fit for myself, AND cast in one-piece, it won't go on like a pair of shorts. I'm thinking of using something similar to reinforced bra hooks that will attach the front to the back. Or, failing that, using lacing through grommets in a recess that's covered by a rubber flap (which then uses the bra hooks to go almost flat). The rubber I'm considering is a little stretchible, but I can't tell if my system would defeat some/all of that, or worse, if the stretched material does/doesn't return to a normal size afterwards (or would start flapping and sagging quickly).

    I'm not real close to making all this happen though.. it's relatively new to me, and I'm still running the math and checking with the experts to ensure it'll work the way I think it will. I've recently had a setback that's going to delay the project, but when I'm up to a testing point, I'll be sure to do a WIP on it.

    I was hoping to CNC the molds for it, but that's apparently not going to happen, and I have limited workspace/free time at the moment. I could probably go to Rob's shop, but that won't answer other issues.
  17. helios

    helios Member

    I had something like that happen to me. I accidentally put my right thumb right into a blob of fresh hot glue. Dayum that hurt.
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  18. UNSC Leatherneck

    UNSC Leatherneck Well-Known Member

    I definitely agree that the polartec fabric would not be best used alone, but in a moisture management system. That said, the polarec is FAR superior to spandex for use in under armor.
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  19. stick83

    stick83 Member

    id say for the base i would go for some Underarmour. its like spandex but it allowes your body to breathe i wear it under my hockey equpment and it has so ment breatability i freeze out there its like im not wearnig anyhting.:p
  20. mchammertime

    mchammertime Well-Known Member

    Dude. MAJOR Necro
  21. stick83

    stick83 Member

    loln i hadent noticed the date i was searching for something lol and foiund this , guess i shoulda checked the date before posting :p
  22. rvb18

    rvb18 Well-Known Member

    if im corect there is no such thing as necro posts in the under suit forums
  23. Malechei

    Malechei Member

    Whether there is or isn't, his post definitely merits some recognition. That is epic.
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  24. Vampyredh

    Vampyredh Member

    I am atually usin the same under suit for my Ironman it is absolutely wonderful though i found out the hard way it is to revealing to wear as the comic style punishers suit I looked like a gay power ranger lol
  25. mchammertime

    mchammertime Well-Known Member

    O rly? Nevermind then :p
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