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Underarmor? I think so!

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by BlacRoseImmortal, May 14, 2008.

  1. Vampyredh

    Vampyredh Member

    I have to say it was rather embarasing to walk around wally world in a spandex punisher suit with my junk all hanging out and white combat boots white gloves white holster white skull black body suit not a pretty picture I will tell you that and I know it was on the front page of my newspaper in the town it happened in.
  2. Rycraft

    Rycraft New Member

    Which suit, exactly?
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    Wow. As if building the armor isn't hard enough, then we all have to tackle the under suit.

    I look forward to the best solution that the forum has to offer, and if I find the answer, I will let you all know.


    Not sure if you all have seen the undersuit molded project, but you should check it out HERE.

    Just don't Necro the thing, please.

    Black Rose, keep up the inspirational work.
  5. audiooutlawsjr

    audiooutlawsjr New Member

    something I would recomend is hard drive magnets strong and no messy glue or stitching
  6. k11yle

    k11yle Jr Member

    i like ur avatar, nice helmet!
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  7. NemesisPryme

    NemesisPryme New Member

    Hey I'm new here, and have been doing some searching around. I'm thinking of attempting a Carter suit sometime soon, and was looking for undersuits. I found this online, it's a one piece stay dry hockey underpad suit, and seems to be about perfect for everything you guys have said so I figured I'd pass the find on, enjoy!

  8. p0g1

    p0g1 Jr Member

    I'm thinking of making the joints from latex or something like that
  9. CSanto98

    CSanto98 New Member

  10. Dirtdives


    Re: Underarmor? I think so!

    CSanto98 You may want to check dates before replying/posting a comment. This thread is 3 months shy of 6 years old........if they haven't found what they are looking for yet......they might have moved on. Necro posting is frowned upon here as it pushes more recent and more relevant posts down the list. Thanks and welcome to the 405th.
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  11. EndlessForrest


    Nice job so Far!

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