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Underarmor? I think so!

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by BlacRoseImmortal, May 14, 2008.

  1. BlacRoseImmortal


    I was just thinking about my underarmor and the lack of seeing something that was "In-Game" acurate. I remember reading JoeyCozs' hot glue method of molding and was thinking that If I bought a simple base all black undersuit and molded the pieces that are visible to "in-Game" acuracy with hot glue and stitched them onto the undersuit it would make for a fairly simple, cheap, and acurate Underarmor. If you guys dont have any idea what I'm talking about think of, like,....:

    As an example of a plain undersuit.

    After careful stitching with needle and thread, you can sew on the hot glue molded armor into its correct spots (you CAN sew through got glue, BTW)

    Into these and whatever else underarmor areas that are visible.

    So after you take off your armor all you have to do is slip out of one underarmor piece. To get armor over the slight buldgy-ness of the hot glue molded pieces just warp the undersuit abit to fit it in/out. It could work because hot glue is bendable (to a certain extent)....

    Sorry if this has been posted and discussed before, It was just a quick thought and would have left me if I didnt write it down lol.
  2. luketrocity

    luketrocity Member

    Sounds valid to me! I considered doing the same, except I would be using velcro not sewing.
  3. BlacRoseImmortal


    After many bad things involving Velcro, i no longer trust it lol. And Sewing is a permanent deal. I would like to eventually go to a Con and not constantly worry about my velcroed pieces falling off and getting lost :D
  4. Skullcandy Girl

    Skullcandy Girl Well-Known Member

    I think that sounds like a GREAT idea Rose :) Go for it!
  5. Rob

    Rob Well-Known Member

    Pad and sew I thing is best.
  6. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    I like it. Hey where'd you get the suit image? I haven't seen a full suit one like that before.
  7. wolf

    wolf Member

    i too have been raped by velcro. we should form a support group...

    but i was thinking along the same lines about the underarmor pieces. since chances are you'll get to that point first let me know how it goes!!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  8. BlacRoseImmortal


    Ok so far no negative feedback on this idea, so its a GO! YAY! KELLY WINS!!!!!

    oh Mag, I found that pic on the first page of google images, kwyword "undersuit", these suits seems to be a big thing in the UK, Im gonna throw down 100 smackeroos or so to get me one to test my underarmor theory :]

    @ tenacious: "Shh, mama knows child, mama knows" *hold in a hug and pets head for comfort* That mean ol' velcro cant get to you anymore.
  9. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    Thank ya. Yay, I needed this.

    Hold that thought...

    Look here as well:

    I know they aren't as thick of material, but they are less expensive, and look to be perhaps lighter in weight. Just FYI for ya, but I'd compare somemore before you buy.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  10. BlacRoseImmortal


    Ive got alot of time on my hands to look around before making a decission, I dont get any money till tomarrow lol. DAMN MY WOMANLY SPENDING HABITS!
  11. darkm2021

    darkm2021 Member

    i was thinking something like this, but then i thought, well, how would you get out?
  12. BlacRoseImmortal


    Hot glue bends abit, so you can manouver it under the armor to get it on/take it off, and the midsection piece would have to be removeable, i guess, so the zipper goes all the way up/down.

    What i was thinking with the misection piece would be have it split along the zipper line on the undersuit and use ....uh....snappy-things (i dont knwo what their called) on the cut line to get it on and off easily

    Kinda like this:

  13. leegrisham

    leegrisham Well-Known Member

    This is looking very interesting, ready to see it materialize so I can get a better idea, BRI finish this soon!
  14. BlacRoseImmortal


    I'm fairly convinced this will work perfectly but I have too many projects goin on at the moment:

    H2 Sniper Rifle, Self Mannequin (almost done), etc.

    I WILL get started on this experiment within the next 2 months though, since I think I'm gonna take this coming semester off to work and build. Ill revive this thread with my underarmor progress...

    If anyone takes up this build, though, let me know how it comes along.
  15. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    Sure will...;)
  16. odst26

    odst26 Well-Known Member

    sounds good
  17. JoeyCoz

    JoeyCoz Active Member

    Hmm. My first thought for attaching the molded parts was to fully face the parts with velcro, as opposed to a couple of strips. I'll have to rethink that. I like the idea of sewing them on but, I cannot (or don't want to ) sew. If there is a dependable fabric adhesive out there, you could try this: After you have filled your mold, add a layer of some porous fabric to the backside before the casting medium sets up or cools off. Then you could use adhesive to bind the fabric backed armor to the undersuit

    I've been working on some underarmor pep files, but unfortunatly, the only 3D prog I have had time to learn was SketchUp, and when I export the files to pepakura, it has alot of unwanted open edges. Here's a link to my thread on that subject
    My 3D to Pepakura woes
    And another showing my lower back underarmor
    Lower Back Underarmor
    This part was delibratley made long at the top and bottom to tuck under the torso and pelvis armor

    Maybe. What I found out from my larger scale test that it does bend on one axis pretty well, but if you try to bend it on two axis at the same time, it would be uncomfortable at best. At worst it may tear away from your undersuit.(think of a knee joint, where the underarmor would be wrapped around the knee. Standing stiff legged it would be fine, but when you bend your knee...)
    When I get to my underarmor I will probably use silicone or latex or polyurethane. That's why I came up with the idea to add a fabric backing to the part. That should help to attach it. Also those materials have the ability to strech & compress a bit, which hot glue doesn't.
    I can't wait to see someone do this. Go BRI!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2017
  18. O Malley

    O Malley New Member

    Well Blackrose, you have officially made up my mind on my undersuit problem. This idea is definitely alot cheaper and more practical than going with a 2-piece suit (ex: BDU pants + underarmor shirt). :not worthy:

    Price Check Although this company is in the UK, we Yankees don't have to pay tax!!!
  19. BlacRoseImmortal


    Ok, last night while I was sleeping (yes, I even dream about Halo and building armor in my sleep) I was thinking that maybe there is a better alternative to use than hot glue...

    Maybe make a pep mold and then resin it so its a solid piece. then makeing a FLEXABLE plastic mix and pouring it onto the mold....

    It would make for a more flexable, thus longer lasting, underarmor.

    Kinda like what JoeyCoz said, LMAO.

    I didn't think of this^ happening, partly because I have a back problem and I CANT bend even if I wanted too.... To sit or somehting i have to use my arms an legs to manouver my ass into a seat, its pathetic. Thats what I get for working at UPS as a package loader for 3 massive trucks during xmas season....

    Thanks buddy! :D
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  20. wolf

    wolf Member

    it might work really well if you made it latex. and and if you want to give it a harder look or something, cut styrene sheeting to cover the flat big areas.
  21. centerside

    centerside Well-Known Member

    Sewing through hot glue is indeed possible, but, to be on the safe side (for anyone wanting to do the hot glue method), melting trough it hot needles can prevent it from like, ripping from the needle holes. (happend to me once, but in a different project)
  22. Sypher1987

    Sypher1987 New Member

    Ive been planning to try a similar thing using latex, should be more flexible than the glue method and it should also have a bit of stretch to it. Latex is prety cheap to buy (mind you its not as cheap over here in rip-off england!) so it wouldnt be a great monetary loss if it all went a bit pete tong.
  23. luke

    luke Jr Member

    if you want a cheap base, search ebay for a spandex suit, theyre like 5 bucks from china. and sypher im sure you could do the same and just cut it into the peices you need. on another note, rose i also dream about making my armor, if im lucky enough for those thoughts to allow me to get to sleep in the first place ;) id say its probably a common problem amongst our community
  24. Deadguy

    Deadguy Well-Known Member

    Spandex is bad for heat.. (that's why ballarina's(sp?) have such large open sections on their leotards). We're fully enclosed in our armor and can't cool down. Heat stroke is possible, though it's a much larger risk if you use diving gear. Take your helmet off often.

    I really think that Motorcycle Coolmax suit is the best option I've seen so far. It doesn't look real elastic though.. dunno' how good it'll be..

    Florida folks.. don't use hot glue on this, or ya' gonna' be sorry.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  25. BlacRoseImmortal


    and theres ANOTHER reason why im probably not gonna use hot glue lol. Im trying to think of a flexable plastic that isnt too heavy and I can make (again, ive never worked with any of this stuff before i.e. resin, fiberglass, dremels, etc) fairly easily.

    Any suggestions?
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017

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