UNSC Dress Uniform Reference

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I got this bunch of pictures made up for someone asking for references for the Dress Uniform and now this forum is up and I can now create threads I thought I would repost them over here :D

For the best reference I would look at this movie:

However, I have extracted some of the most important frames (in my opinion) and highlighted the noteworthy features:

  1. Black tubular lining on back
  2. Navy trousers for ?marines/enlisted?
  3. Black shoes for ?marines/enlisted?. If following US Navy possibly these
  4. White shoes for ?navy/officers?. If following US Navy possibly these
  5. White trousers for ?navy/officers?

  1. Solid folds underneath lining
  2. Bands on wrist
  3. Black tubing on jacket breast

  1. Officers cap with gold band. Once again if following US Navy possibly this
  2. Officers cap with gold braid and scrambled eggs for Admiral. US Navy possibly this
  3. Gold rectangular buttons, seem to be push to close
  4. Shirt with high full round collar - white for admiral
  5. Shirt with high full round collar - black for officer

  1. Gold braid. One circles under shoulder. One comes from under shoulder mark and goes to center.
  2. No rank insignia on shoulder, possibly gold braid signifies rank.
  3. Insignia on shoulder

Hope they help :D
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Very nice, i might have to make one... the hat would be the hardest part.
you could just buy a navy hat, then somehow make the UNSC symbol for the badge (cast one out of brass or something?)
Actually hat is probably easiest.

It is suprisingly close to the standard navy dress cap that can be found here:

The only inaccuracies are a couple of scale problems but they are not noticable at a glance.

Other ready to buy items are:
White shoes for officers - http://www.marlowwhite.com/cgi-bin/commerc...&key=65-120
Black shoes for enlisted - http://www.marlowwhite.com/cgi-bin/commerc...&key=65-100
And trousers are just standard navy and white for enlisted and officers.
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