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Hey everybody! I just finished my HALO themed MANCAVE. What i need is your sincere suggestions on Art Work for the final banner. You have till Thursday the 10th of September to submit your ideas. Then I will narrow it down for a community vote.
You can let me know what you think about the mancave too. It took me almost to years to build it from bare studs.
90% free-cycled
Thanks to my friends that helped.:D

Here Is the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzTFYBhEu80
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I've been working on "Haloifying" My bedroom for reach, but It'll never get as epic as this!
Instantaneous death came to me about... right when you opened the door.

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!@!@@!@!$!@!##@#@%!$@!$!#@$!@#$
my dream mancave would be a basement that is a secret ONI Comm station, sets of spartan suits along the wall on manaquins under glass(just like the "Birth of a spartan" trailer for carter's suit) ammo and weapon stacks, and at the end of the room is my suit, "Project 003" on the top of the glass box.
i have a suggestion for the banner....

bear with me on this:

the UNSC spartan logo but instead of a marathon logo above the eagle, have a seventh column and then underneath have "in memorial to the brave souls who died defending reach" (or something of that sense :)
my dream mancave would be in the style of Kurt-051's armory in his barracks....from ghosts of Oynx
i.....i think i love you.......no homo

for the banner you should use the spirit of fire emblem in gold and black

ohh and btw that screen WILL get you the chicks XD
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