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I don't own nor take credit for any of those logos and designs, i'm just a Halo fan gathering graphic ressources for anyone who needs it. I will credit any author from which i'm sharing the work, and won't sell any of these files.

Hey everyone !

I did some research but could not find concordance between the sources on the UNSC rank system, do you have reliable hierarchy tree on the official halo lore ? (ODST seems to have the same system than the USMC)

Anyway i made some logos based on this image


I made all of these in PNG transparency, color neutral. Not much but a base for anyone who wants to make there own logo


Made some decals also


Since i get the decal set from halo Reach, i will continue posting on this thread.
Anyway enjoy :)


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he4thbar - My wife has a vinyl cutting machine and I was planning on making some logos for my stuff soon. If there are some specific ones you want I could probably make them and mail them to you

let me know if you are going to printany i would like to get a full run of the decals pm me and we can talk more thanks


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Does anyone knows what those texts say exactly, i can't figure it out..
The game itself doesn't really have text for them. However, I recently reached out to the Halo Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor and he gave an answer to one of them:

TurboCharizard then took it upon himself to make this work of art

So as far as I'm concerned, this is cannon. Doesn't get much more official than that.