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This index is simply a collection of various image reference packs that have been created by volunteers.

343i Official Cosplay Reference Packs

Halo CE

Halo 2 (classic):

Halo 3
Halo 3: ODST

Halo Reach

Halo 4

Halo Infinite:


Guide lines/tips for creating a new reference pack
Note, these are not requirements, just tips I've picked up on that help make better threads.
  • Get a shot of each piece close up from front, back, and both sides
  • Include a full front/back shot so people can get an overview of the model
  • If there are multiple sections to the model (e.g. torso, left thigh, right foot, etc.), separate each of these sections into it's own "paragraph" of photos so people can easily skim through the photos to find what they want. I also recommend labeling these with bolded names
  • If you're getting shots of a multiplayer/custom armor pieces, use contrasting colors (e.g. red and blue) on the armor so that the locations of primary and secondary colors are also shown
  • Create a new thread for each reference pack. This makes it significantly easier to organize and link to the pack in the index
  • Use thumbnails for each image. Given that a reference pack often includes many many photos, using thumbnails makes it much easier to browse, and images can be clicked on to enlarge
  • Each post on the forums is limited to 50 images per post/comment, so if your pack has more than 50 images be prepared to comment on your own post to include the rest of the photos
  • I'd recommend referring to my thread Halo Reach HQ Armor Reference Images for an example on organizing a reference thread
  • I use a tool called Lightshot to easily capture and crop screenshots for my reference packs, but other tools are also available
  • If the content is not available on PC for capture, I like to stream my Xbox One to my PC (on the highest quality settings) so I can use my screenshot tool. After getting the angle I want, if I'm streaming I'll also let the game sit for a second so that there's little to no quality difference due to streaming
  • Use theater mode to get up close and get odd angles on models. Additionally, there's a button that hides all hud overlays so that the only thing showing is the content you're trying to capture.

Lastly, if you've made a reference pack that's not featured here, send me a message and I'd be delighted to add it to the index.
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I do like this idea but... aren't there too many threads stickied already?
We can never have too many stickied threads. The more useful information made readily available to members the better. Hell. It could even call for a whole new forum category down the road if it begins feeling clutter.

It even calls for reevaluating old stickied threads for relevancy to today/how safe a method is/etc.
Dang, do I have to go back and now reinforce this rule. LOL
XD they're not requirements, just guidelines. If you want to, go for it, but I won't harass ya. I'm happy to add anything people volunteer (so long as it's useful).
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