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I have literally no idea why one small tan Mega-Bloks Spartan was in my used Lego collection, but I have recently taken interest in making more weapons for the little guy, as the one Magnum that came with him is long gone. Let's face it: Anyone who has had a small-plastic brick set knows what happens when you lose a piece:
1: You realize you lost it
2: You scan every inch of your house/apartment/dorm/living quarters
3: You still can't find it
4: You blame the pet and forget about it
5: You come across it a year later and set it somewhere you think you'll remember
6: You realize your little figure sitting in front of your desktop is missing that ONE piece and go looking for it again
7: You Ebay it, knowing full well it's still somewhere around your territory
So, why not skip parts 4-7 and just 3D print one (or more) instead?
I realized that my one Magnum was gone for good (probably inside a shag rug my mother sold a year ago) and I would probably need to buy a new one so my desktop companion could defend himself. Rather than running to the nearest Target, I decided I would make my own version. But not the little one from Halo Infinite. Why not the one from Halo 2?
So, I set myself on making a Mega-Bloks scale Halo 2 Magnum.
After an hour, the deed was done. A game-accurate, fully detailed Magnum that (probably) looks just like the one used to miss (point-blank) a horde of Elites.
In order to appreciate the detail, look in Tinkercad rather than the finished product from your printer. Unless you happen to use a resin printer, all the details won't show up unless your nozzle is really small. Paint as you please. Maybe more Mega weapons coming soon...?
(if you want me to make a Mega version of a [Halo] weapon, just ask)


  • Lore Accurate Mega Magnum.stl
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Well, I got bored (again) and decided to create yet another Mega weapon: The M7 SMG!
Not sure which game model I based it on, but now it exists, so... yeah.
There is both a normal version and collapsed version.
Not sure if it's any better than Mega's official model, but it beats paying for another set!
Silenced version coming soon! (as in, maybe a half hour)


  • Halo SMG Collapsed.stl
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  • Halo SMG.stl
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Well, this didn't take long! The M7S (Silenced) SMG from Halo 3! (I think)
Not sure why, but the sight I added looks more like a Reflex than a Scarlet Trace. Maybe I'll make an updated version later...?
Again, a normal and collapsed version.
Not many details can be shown on your finished product unless you use resin or a FDM with a nozzle smaller than 0.4 mm, so painting is recommended.
If you have a request, just post here your chosen weapon!


  • Halo SMG Silenced Collapsed.stl
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  • Halo SMG Silenced.stl
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True. As to your request, some images:
Lore Accurate Mega Magnum.stl


Halo SMG.stl

After printing Halo SMG.stl, I realized that although it looks uncannily like the one from the game, I now realized that:
A- The side magazine doesn't show on my printer, which has a 0.4 mm nozzle.
B- I now realize that the reason Mega made the stock its non-canon size is because the SMG I made looks hilariously oversized.
If you still want to use the old files, they're still there. But please read this before you take four hours trying to make your own.
Images courtesy of Convert STL to GIF for free - ImageToStl
Thanks! I realized when I was sitting around again that the SMG still had problems that could be fixed. Hence: The M7 V2!
With a decrease in size, (and a bit of detail) the SMG should now be scale. However, I have not printed the new version yet, so print at your own risk. Can't really say that there's a good way to print them, but resin users may find it easier than FDM (although I don't have a resin printer on hand yet, so I can't confirm or deny whether it prints better)
Also, I added a back-mount version.
Silenced and scoped will be finished...whenever. I don't seem to stick well to deadlines.
Renders and files below:
Regular M7:

Collapsed M7:

Regular M7 BM (Back Mount)

Collapsed M7 BM (Back Mount)

Thanks for reading!


  • M7 Mega SMG CollapsedBM.stl
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  • M7 Mega SMG RegBM.stl
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  • M7 Mega SMG Collapsed.stl
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  • M7 Mega SMG Reg.stl
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