vacuum forming armor

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ok i have thought of a new way to make armor. this is a bit rushed as im leaving in 15 mins.
if you own or know somone with a vacuum former this should be a cheap alternative to the normal technique.
once you have made you pep armor, resin it. after the resin dries take some expanding foam and use it to stregthen the armor.
then place the part in the vacuum former and vacuum form as normal.
you will now have a plastic copy of your peice. and depending how strong the original is you could make loads of peices for $3 a piece (£2)
hope this helps and if you try it or have done it dont keep quite shout out!
i think this is what the stormtroopers use to make theirs.
sorry if this has been posted before.

come on peeps! say if you've tried this!
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