Very nice leather kevlar gloves I bought

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I bought these gloves for my scooter riding, but I noticed they also look good with hand plates on them, they look manly and big, and armory looking.

They are firstgear brand kevlar motorcycle gloves, basically these protect you when you fall from grinding your hands down on the hard rough streets, but they work for MC armor too! (If you want to shell out 50 dollars a pair)

pretty kool, so did you already attach some handplates on those, or was that just a sudgestion? I meen, you could wear those while riding your scooter with plates on them...
I havent attached hand plates to them yet, My hand plates have a elastic strap which hugs my hands, so I wouldnt need to ruin the glove with velcro or epoxy
I highly recommend these for all you glove-particular guys out there -


I bought these for use with my Mark V suit, and they are GREAT for only $25, too.

Gotta love Elite Tactical Sources
Pictures are good for comparison, but could you guys post links for these so others can purchase them?
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