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Dear Forum Members,

The following are important link to topics relating to your quest to build Weapons and Props. It will provide you with much insight, and will help you to understand and learn more about the art of creating Weapons and Props before, and during, your plunge into the art of creation. It's strongly suggested you familiarize yourself with the subjects that affect you, and skim around to see what else may be of use.

Before you ask questions, please take a look in here to see if your answers lurk within.

Thank you,
The Forum

"The Complete Respirator and Safety Guide"
Overview of hazardous materials and safety precautions.
(Posted by Sean Bradley)

"Weapon Blueprints"
A thread dedicated to the weapon blueprints created/provided by Wizard of Flight.
(Posted by NZ-TK)

"The Halo Costuming Wiki"
One-stop shopping for some Tutorials, Pepakura PDO's, Reference Packs, etc
(Posted by Sean Bradley)

"Pepakura Weapons"
.PDO files for the various weapons of Halo.
(Posted on the Wiki)

"Weapon Reference Packs"
If the weapon you seek isn't in here, or doesn't have enough pictures, please let us know, and if you have more high-quality picture-filled zipfiles to add, you are encouraged to add them, and/or contact Vrogy or myself to learn how.
(Posted on the Wiki)

"Weapons and Props - Works In Progress"
Links to all WIPs located in this forum at this time (last update 06/22/08) Listed alphabetically by Weapon/Prop Name. This should help you find some folks that have been where you are now, and how they dealt with weapon/prop construction issues they faced. Also included is a "Show Off" area that's designed to link to "collections" and various non-WIP entries.
(Posted on the Wiki)

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WIKI information:
I'm trying something new here. Well, it's not really new, but you guys haven't taken advantage of it yet.

Many of you have made weapons and props, as evidenced by the 20 pages of Posts in this section. The problem is that it's sometimes difficult to find specific projects, and likely difficult to let anyone know what you've done.

At first, I addressed that by making the WIP section (linked in the previous post) on the Wikia for you folks to use as a way to take a look at the many projects hidden in this section. I put-in hundreds of entries, and spent dozens of hours making that section happen and keep it updated, but by the end of next month, it'll have been a year since I updated it.

That's not how a Wikia is supposed to work... It's pages are supposed to be "started" by one person, but then added to by the community. Now, since this is your stuff we're talking about, I think it'd be better to get you guys to put your own stuff over there from here on out.. I'll still likely add stuff over there from time to time, but if you want to participate, you're very welcome to.

It's voluntary, of course, but I suggest logging-in to the wiki using the same name you post with over here, and then adding your projects to the WIP page. Currently, I'm monitoring every edit made to the wikia, so I'll be on the lookout for folks who are stealling credit, but I'm also hoping you guys will be on the lookout for that kinda' stuff too.

There is a lot of useful infomation in all of your WIPs and I feel it's important to make that information more accessible to those of us trying to attempt these same projects. This currently seems to be the best way to do it.

The format for the Wikia's WIP page is easily seen by clicking on the wikia's edit button. You'll need the following information:

#1- The Post Number of the WIP forum post.
#2- The type of weapon , along with a brief "How it's made" reference
#3- The creator's user number,
#4- The creator's name
#5- The Date the WIP was posted on our forums.

Here's an example of a blank entry:
<div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'>{{ 405Wip  |  PostNumber  |  Description  |  UserNumber  |  UserName  |  DATE  mm/dd/yy }}</div>

Here's an example of an entry currently on the Wikia WIP listing:
<div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'>{{405Wip|6519|Assault Rifle - Cardboard|4723|CemreTas|11/11/07}}</div>

On the Wikia, it looks like this:
<div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'>[Assault Rifle - Cardboard]
Creator: [CemreTas]
Date WIP posted on [405th]: 11/11/07</div>

Trust me.. that may seem awkward to enter the data, but you should see how I had to do it before I taught myseff how to make a template.

Now, remember, this is NOT the same as being hosted on the Wikia. Your thread/pictures/posts stay here and are protected here. All you're doing is "advertising" the link to it so we can more easily find it, to see what you've done, and to find help on how to achieve the many techniques folks have perfected here.

Anyways.. Go explore, and maybe throw some entries on there for us. Just be SURE to use "Preview" before you save your edits.



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When making a prop weapon for a character costume such as Master Chief, does the weapon have to have been used in the world by that character or can you carry any weapon that is in the world?


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When making a prop weapon for a character costume such as Master Chief, does the weapon have to have been used in the world by that character or can you carry any weapon that is in the world?
You can carry any weapon you like, as long as it fits into the same game.
I hope this helps! :)