Westerfield Energy Sword: New Pics

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I appreciate the support guys, but I didn't post this up here to be compared to my sword, and it's a little insulting to everybody at Westerfield to do so.

Westerfield is light years beyond me in so many ways I can't fathom... they have a real production line of some very well made props. I've just focused all my energies on a just a few at this point... and I am a LONG way away from putting a full suit into production.

And yes, I think that we'll see some vast improvement by Westerfield over what the pictures show here, it's a Work in Progress.

So thanks for the compliments but please, be respectful.
i kinda dont think that producing a lot of armor then selling it is a good idea, we all have attempted or even mastered something. and we all owe a big thanx to bungie that they dreamed up this godsend of a game. and people that build a bunch of armor just to sell it are wrong in the fact that bungie doesnt get royalties. but what adam, sean, and others do when they specially make armor for other people is ok because they peps came to them.i also understand selli9ng old armor or prototypesjust to get rid of them. but hey i cant stop ya
oh yeah, now that you bring it up damien, that can be considered copyright infringement. No matter what though, they do put out great stuff
it is ok unless if it is private, like contacting the person to make it for you. like what link does with the AR
You guys are in a grey area. Its so much more complicated than that.

Im tired of this stuff.

The sword will be shipped next week so them we can compare them better.
Alright, this is officially getting off topic and desperately close to getting locked. Please bring it back to topic, or trained ninjas will descend with wrath and fury the likes of which will furrow your brows.. :mrgreen:

Damien, I appreciate that you're respectful of Bungie and all that they have given us but this thread is not the proper forum of discussion for this. And if I were less secure in my position, I could take offense to your broad statements about what any of us should or should not be doing in our own workshops. Your opinion is valued, and point well taken, but this thread has nothing to do with this discussion

oh yeah, now that you bring it up damien, that can be considered copyright infringement

GDan: you're wrong on that assumption about copyright infringement. Fan artwork and other such sculptural works must be legally proven to be less than 15% derived from their alleged inspriation to be in violation of copyright and trademark law. Yes, in order for it to be proven in a court of law, both subject would have to be digitally scanned and analyzed . However using 'Halo' or "Bungie' in your advertisment is violation of trademark... which is why the smart manufacturer calls his armor 'Spartan' , or "mjolnir" because Sparta is an actual historical place, and mjolnir is a mythological name, and neither can be trademarked. For more on this issue, look at the "Legal Issues for Halo Costumers' thread here:


Artistic contracting has no bearing on trademark or copyright law. I've been freelancing as a contract sculptor for 7 years now... so trust me on that. If someone contracts you to copy a trademarked product and you accept, you are BOTH legally liable for said offense.

Thats concludes my legal issues for artists lecture for today... :lindsey:

So, I believe this thread was about Westerfields Energy sword.... keep that in mind when you post please. :christa:
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no, the sword in the game is about 3-6 inches long.

LOL...depends what size TV you're looking at it on... ;-)

how hard is it to make 1

I can't speak for Westerfield, but for mine.. I'd say Um... if 1 is making toast, and 10 is a perpetual motion device... I'd say it's like a 7... theres alot of custom electronics involved... and some hacked commercial electronics..
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I can't answer that in this thread MC... you have to look at all the resources that someone puts out and try to figure it out for yourself... I have given all my secrets away to the community here and at HBO... I just don't have time to start writing another tutorial for this at the moment...

but the short answers is: at the hardware store, and by researching and designing one yourself.

... or buying one from a manufacturer.
To buy one contact Westerfeild... or pm me. Ill tell him next time I see him. Its not hard once you carve it out of wood.
master commander said:
were do i get the stuff AND HOW DO I MAKE 1

You hit the little key next to "Tilde (~) and the number 2 that has the at symbol above it (@)" That's how you make a 1.

Sorry just had to :D
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